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Fethiye Gay Guide

Fethiye is a town located at the junction of Aegean & Mediterranean seas. Modern day Fethiye is built on the ancient city of Telmessos, ruins of which can be seen in the city. It is one of Turkey's well-known tourist destination and is especially during the summer season.

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Gay Friendly Bars and Clubs in Fethiye

Club Fullia (former Mango)
Address:  Hamam Sokak, No: 29,  Fethiye, Turkey
Web: &
A small indoor dance club, sometimes featuring live Turkish music, is Mango Bar. Especially recommended for those who likes younger crowd.

Reviews about this venue:
"now called club fullia as stated in its Facebook page  (posted by Mr. Torres on June 08 2019)
"I may have had 2.. TWO bad situations at MANGO in Fethiye... but the first time I attempted to get into the venue, the "bouncer/security/thug" looked at my footwear.... Vuitton shoe/trainers.... and told me that the club was full... the door opened and it evidently was NOT. The second time... again, my footwear was closely scrutinized .. and presumably passed some sort of "test" .... and as a group of arriving people were let in in front of me WITHOUT paying..... I was asked if I was alone. When I said Yes.... I was told that I had to have a ticket, which I would have to pay for. I don't think I've witnessed such appalling manners and attitude since the awful days of "door whores" in London. Maybe I was deemed to be TOO OLD (at 36) to be allowed access to this hallowed sanctuary? A real shame, as I was searching for a great venue to bring a group of very wealthy friends who wanted something a little more "upmarket" than some of the other... MUCH more welcoming bars in the Paspatur area. IF Mango has some strange sort of door policy... it certainly should be explained. Hence.... I CANNOT recommend this bar.... CAR CEMETARY, on the other hand  (closed by 2019).. was welcoming, fun, great attitude and a fantastic live band."(Posted by Alan M from U.K on August 21st 2013)

"I haven't heard of gay bars as such but I have met gay people in and around Fethiye and they are very much accepted they don't have any problems. Mango in Fethiye has a resident drag artist called Pasha so i suppose that place must attract some gay people as well as the straight people who enjoy the entertainment." (10-06-2006)

Talk of The Town / Hisaronu
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi,  Hisaronu, Fethiye, Mugla Province - Google Map
Talk of the town is the popular night club famous with very professional drag-shows especially. It is located on the main street of Hisaronu, Oludeniz. Hisaronu is located very close to Oludeniz beach area and can be reached from downtown Fethiye with frequent, comfortable and cheap public minivans. Many tourists chose to stay in Hisaronu for being close to the Oludeniz beach and it has its own entertainment and night life. Many British people also have houses and lives constantly in Hisaronu and the vicinity.

Eski Bar
Adres: Hisaronu, Fethiye Mugla Province, Turkey  - Google Map
Next to La Mediteranee, this bar is a good place to have a few beers or cocktails in day time or early evenings when you want to to waste away some time.

"It's a great bar, lots of fun, gay community very welcome, and i even met one haha :)" (Posted by Kirsty from UK on 09/06/2009)

Kısmet Bar (This venue was Closed Down)
Address: Across from Fethiye Belediyesi Kultur Merkezi (municipality culture center), Fethiye, Turkey


Other Popular None-Gay Bars and Night Clubs

These are some popular bars and clubs in Fethiye where gay people can feel more comfortable.

Deep Blue Cafe & Bar
Address: 27 Hamam Sokak, Paspatur, Fethiye, Mugla / Turkey
Web:  &
This cafe & bar is located in night life and shopping quarter Paspatur in Fethiye, not far from the marina. More hen half of the of the clients are foreigners visting living in Fethiye, so it has quite an international atmosphere

Buzz Beach Bar
Address: Oludeniz, Fethiye - Google Map
Web: &
It is one of the best of bars located at Oludeniz beach. Most of the clients are English and tourists from other European countries. .

Revolution Bar & Club
Address: Hisar Caddesi, Oludeniz, Fethiye - Google Map
Web:  & &
Opened in 2013 the biggest club in Fethiye area. Sound and light system that rivals any club worldwide. Good music, cosy place, drinks for every taste. Different theme parties every week. Special shows from all parts of the world.

Vip Dance Bar
Address: Belcegiz Mah. Carsi Cad, No: 11,  Oludeniz, Fethiye
Web:  &
One of the most entertaining and most popular cafe & bars around Fethiye located in Belcegiz quarter of Oludeniz. Worth trying if you happen to go near by.

Gay Friendly Restaurants in Fethiye

Swallows Restaurant
Address: Oludeniz, Fethiye, Turkey - Google Map
Web: &
This venue is recommended by a website visitor as follows:
"Owner, is not gay but has gay friends and is very gay friendly. Food is variety of Turkish and International. As the owner is a chef himself he can do requests if they are not busy. Extensive menu. Great for people-watching, great atmosphere." (02/01/2009)

"This restaurant has now moved. Same owner but it has moved down onto the nearby beach resort of Oludeniz. On the main road leading to the beach, a couple of hundred yards from the beach. Everything else is the same" (February 20 2011)

Other Cafe and Restaurants in Fethiye:

Following venues are not explicitly gay / gay-friendly places

Mozaik Bahce
Address: Cumhuriyet Mah, 91 Sokak Fethiye, Turkey
Web:  & &
The Mozaik Bahçe (Mosaic Garden) restaurant specializes exclusively in dishes from south east Turkey. The menu is influenced by the rich and diverse mosaic culture of the Hatay region and its historical association with Ottoman, Arabic, Armenian and French cuisine. Children's options are also available.

Pasa Kebab
Address: Carsi Cad. No:42,  Fethiye, Turkey
Web: &
"We are offering a wide range of kebab dishes for your tasting pleasure which include lahmacun, doner, iskender, pide and pizza and of course mainly for our international guests we also offer hot pot, steak , pasta dishes etc."

Barbella Restaurant
Address: Baris Manco Bulvari, No: 124/B, Calis, Fethiye, Turkey
Web: &
One of the best out of many restaurants located in Calis beach. Barbella is located on the main street that leads towards the beach, somewhere near the bridge over the river.

Levissi Garden
Address: Kayakoy, Fethiye - Google Map
Web: Yelp.Com
The setting is so atmospheric with the ruined village as a backdrop. They also fetch from hotels and drop back at the end of the evening. The experience starts with a tour of the whole place, then comes the wine tasting. Then you are taken to your table. The food is fabulous. The wine can be expensive. Ask the price when you are tasting and choosing.

Cinbal Restaurant
Address: Kayakoy, Fethiye, Turkey - Google Map
Web: &
This is a very authentic open-air restaurant where they offer a very rich breakfast in the morning. For lunch they have variety of traditional Turkish kebabs, with a possibility of cooking your own meat-dish at small barbecue pits they will provide you if you prefer that way.

Gay Friendly Cinemas in Fethiye:

Unfortunately there is not any gay friendly cinema in Fethiye at the moment

Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses in Fethiye

Unfortunately there is not any explicitly gay / gay-friendly bath house, saunas or hamam in Fethiye.

Other Recommended None-Gay Sauna or Bath Houses
Not necessarily in order to find partners, a visit to a historical Turkish bath is at the top of the must-do list for gay tourists visiting Turkey. The following ones are recommended (none-gay) baths in Fethiye recommended to people who not to want miss this exotic experience.

Old Turkish Bath (Turk Hamami)
Address: Hamam Sokak, Paspatur, Fethiye, Turkey - Google Map
Web: &
This is the popular historical Turkish bath in town. The Turkish Bath, together with the Mosque situated nearby, were built by Yavuz Sultan Selim in the 16th Century.

"The historical Turkish bath in Fethiye is located Paspatur known as the "Old City". Another bath is near the Bus Terminal, operating throughout the year. In addition, some touristic hotels in the center of the town and at Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Ovacik and Çalis have traditionally built Turkish baths." (September 2008)

Kaya Hamami
Address: Garaj Karsisi, Fethiye, Turkey - Google Map
Also known as "Fethiye Kaya Hamami", this bath house is located somewhere across the intercity bus terminal (Otobus Garaji / Otobüs terminali). This is a less touristic Turkish bath, catering to local people more.

Sultan Spa & Hamam
Address:1030 Sok, No:142, Foca Burnu, Calis Beach, Fethiye, Turkey Google Map
This is a modern establishment near Calis Beach with spa, bath, hamam and similar amenities.
"With 25 years of experience and expert staff, Sultan Turkish Bath & Spa offers you very special preferences. You can benefit from special packages includes Turkish bath, sauna, massage, facial masks and much more as well as the individual services."

Gay Cruising Areas in Fethiye:

In general, the cruising areas - especially parks and secluded beaches are where gay men should be more selective with the people they meet. It is always possible to come across to some bad guys who want to trap the gay men in such places. Especially, be careful at night time and do not carry very valuable things and a lot of money on you, just in case.

There is not a very apparent gay cruising spot in Fethiye but main streets of Paspatur (the night life quarter); the parks and the waterfront near the old harbour can be the places most recommended to the people who like to try outdoor cruising, naturally after dark. Ugur Mumcu Park near the harbour-wall has been especially recommended as the best cruising spot in a message we received from a local person in January 2011. Cruising around the big monument (Sehitler Aniti) in this park is said to be more visible in the evenings. The pretty waterfront promenade leads past the fishing harbour, marina and port, where it is very likely to see local gay men cruising in summer evenings.

Likewise, there is not any distinctively gay-friendly beach in and around Fethiye town. In fact there are no beaches suitable for swimming at the very centre of Fethiye. The nearest beach of Fethiye is Calis Beach (Çalış Plaji), which stretches west for over 4km (2.5 miles), lined by hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars the whole way. Coarse sand at the end nearest the town, it is shingle at the far end. This would be where you can occasionally see gay men bathing in the sun or swimming. The best beach in the area is 15km (10 miles) away at the beautiful lagoon of Oludeniz. The Oludeniz or Blue Lagoon is a stunning expanse of shimmering blue water.

The beach of Butterfly Valley is possibly the most popular holiday spot for local and foreign gay and lesbian people visiting Fethiye region. Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi) is a camping area mostly popular among backpacker's but there are more comfortable Bungalow style accommodations there as well. For daily visits, you can either join typical boat trips which stop here, or take dolmus-boats from Oludeniz available several times a day. You can also go there with the minibuses going to Kabak Koyu (another small valley/bay similar to Butterfly Valley) from Fethiye or Oludeniz. Before arriving to Kabak Koyu you need to stop at the top of the valley and make a little hard trekking downward to the beach lasting over half an hour. Walking back up would naturally be harder especially when it is hot in mid Summer.

Although it is comparatively far, Patara Beach is a spot of incomparable beauty with its white sand beaches and curious sand dunes. It is advised to spare at least one full day to visit Patara beach if you go from Fethiye. First of all you will need to change bus in Kinik, which is walking distance to ancient Lycian city Xanthos . After visiting Xanthos ruins you can take the minibus to Patara beach from Kinik town center. There is also very important and well-maintained Lycian ancient city in Patara some 1 km from the beach which you should not miss. It is advised to get off from the minibus near ancient city, before arriving to the beach. From there you can walk to the beach after seeing the Patara city ruins.

The many beaches and bays of Fethiye are ideal for picnicking and camping as well. Other popular neighborhood beach/swimming regions include Belcegiz, Gemiler Islands, Koturumsu, Katranci Bay, Gunluk and Gocek.

Comments About Beaches and Gay Cruising Spots :

"Cruising along the river at night between PizzaPizza opposite the Popeye boat and the big Tuesday market square." (Posted by Ruud from Netherlands on June 26th 2013)

"Go to "Surf Beach" in Calis and walk to the rocks at the end of the beach. Action between the rocks, not very busy." (Posted by Ruud from Nl on Dec 16 2012)
Info: The Surfing Centre at the Çalış Beach, at a distance of 10 km. to the city centre is an ideal location for those wishing to be trained in this field and to participate in wind surf and kite surf. Experienced and licensed trainers hold courses here Every year many sportsmen coke here from Europe, especially from Switzerland, Germany and England to be trained in wind and kite surfing. Those keen on wind surf can achieve results after working with experienced and licensed trainers for a minimum of 3 hours The wind blows in Fethiye from March to the end of October. It is both thermal and quite regular. There are no currents, rocky formations, sand hills and medusas here. The sea traffic is not hazardous. The centre is within the preservation area for crette carettas.

"Patara- Gelemis village has a naked beach, gay couples and nice sandy beach" (Posted by Matt from UK on October 12th 2011)

"Fethiye Harbour (Gardens)  Junction of Gaffar Okkan Cd and 504/1 sokak (street) at the Harbour Sea Front. The park/formal gardens are on the seafront in the harbour in Central Fethiye. The cruising area is directly opposite the "Popeye's" floating fish café, It is also where the canal meets the sea. Various ways to get there. A good way is to get off the Dolmus (local bus) terminal at the Central Mosque (Yeni Cami). Go down the main road , Gaffar Okkan Cd , crossing over Ataturk Cd. Walk down the hill to the Harbour. The park is on your left at the harbour. After 22: 30, when no-one else is around except cruisers. Sit on the benches or spot your desired man and sit next to him and strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, it is probably take-away only as there are no dark areas to play in as it is quite a well lit public park. As with all Turkish Cruising locations , pick-pockets can be found so go with very little cash and leave your valuables (watch, jewellery, mobile, phone, wallet) at home". (Posted by tifannylondon on August 21 2011)

"Fethiye, Calis Beach
Day time where 1078 Sokak  meets the Beach. Calis Beach is 3km west of the harbour town of Fethiye. Get a local bus (Dolmus) to Calis Beach and get off where the little bridge crosses the creek. Then, walk westwards 200m along the seafront. Or, Use the large car park at 1078 Sk and walk 50m to the beach. Fethiye and Calis are NOT particularly busy with gay/bi men. There is no "significant" gay scene. Not an official or busy gay beach but local gay/bi men and tourists have taken to use the stretch of beach at 1078sk because there are NO sunbeds there and so this stretch tends not to attract the general population / families etc... i.e it is slightly quieter. It is also convenient for local men to drive to the area in their cars, park in the car park and wander down to see who is on the beach at this point. Outward signs of affection between males is not tolerated. No sun beds/loungers and Calis beach consists of tiny pebbles, so, take thick or padded towels to lie on and reef shoes to enter the sea. Night time cruising, where 1425 Sokak meets the beach. Best times after sunset , but , later is better 22:30 – 24:00 There is no "significant" gay scene. Local gay/bi men and tourists sometimes visit this practically deserted section of the beach after dark. Currently there are no hotels or buildings here or street lights. This is likely to be developed in the future though, which will probably kill any action. There are bushes and walls here, where outdoor sex might be possible , with caution. It is also convenient for local men to drive to the area in their cars, park ON the beach and see who is on the beach/in the bushes at this point. Since it is pitch black here , best to sit near the road so you are illuminated in car headlights , so men know you are there and looking for sex. Not very busy. Sometimes no men at all, often just one or two. It is a bit hit and miss but it is the only current night time location for cruising on Calis Beach." (Posted by tifannylondon on August 21 2011)

"Patara Beach is one of only three or four unofficial nude beaches in Turkey. Nude sunbathing is permitted some distance away from the clothed section. Cruising and gay/bi sex occurs in the sand dunes behind the beach. Near the town of Patara and Gelemis , Patara Beach is approximately 10 miles west of Kalkan, 230 miles west of Antalya, 75miles east of Dalaman.. From the beach car park walk approximately half a mile west (to your right), away from the clothed tourists and cafe. Spot the small , man-made beach shelters, made out of twigs on the shoreline or other nudists and you have reached it. Cruising occurs away from the shoreline , in the sand dunes behind. Take plenty of refreshments. Best Times: 1200 – 1800. At 1900 the beach is closed to the public and patrolled by military as it is a protected area used by sea turtles. Sex between gay and bisexual men is possible in relative secrecy in the sand dunes and shrubbery. Mixture of ages and body types , mostly Turkish locals, few tourists. Mostly "top" men , very few bottoms. It is so remote that there are never many people there, but that is in fact its' main attraction. It is a 12 mile long , un spoilt beach of worldwide heritage status. A handful of hotels and b+b's exist within the village of Petara but it is also possible to stay in the tourist resort of Kalkan, which is 10 miles east. Here you can catch the local bus (dolmus) for very little money , and it runs every hour until the beach closes. There will not be dozens of gay/bi men at this location , perhaps just a handful at most. Some days , there might be none". (Posted by tifannylondon on August 21 2011)

Gay & Lesbian Internet Sources for Fethiye:

LGBT Turkey
The meeting point of Turkish & none- Turkish gay men living / visiting Turkey. You can follow activities all over Turkey, including Fethiye in this bilingual (Turkish & English) Facebook community page.

Google Group for Turkish LGBT+ Life
A Google Group to meet Turkish gay men from all over Turkey. You can leave a message to meet Turkish gays and gay tourists living in or visiting Fethiye in this group.

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