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Gay Bars and Clubs in Bodrum:

Although Bodrum is known as one of the most gay-friendly summer destination in Turkey, there are few gay exclusive bars. This is probably because most of the regular bars in Bodrum are also gay-friendly in Bodrum and the gay people do not necessarily need to be in a gay exclusive venue in order to have fun. Of course visiting one of these few gay bars is highly recommended to meet other local gay men more quickly & easily, especially if you are visiting for a short time.

Haspa Club Bodrum
Address: Erguvan Sokak, No:5, Gumbet, Bodrum, Turkey
Website: Haspaclub.html (Click for guest reviews, location map and more)
Located at the upper end of Gumbet’s bustling bar street, the venue strikes a balance between medium-sized and spacious, offering an energetic mix of the latest DJ music, a well-stocked bar, and a lively dance floor. Occasionally, you’ll even catch Go Go and Drag Shows here.

Kavalye Beach Bar
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi, No:70, Bodrum, Turkey
Website: Kavalye.html (Click for guest reviews, location map and more)
Kavalye Beach opened its doors in 2010 in downtown Bodrum. The owner, previously a partner at another prominent gay club in Istanbul, also manages Pasha Motel in Bodrum. The location is superb, situated right in the heart of Barlar Sokagi (bar street) and overlooking the beach.
Bodrum Gay Bar

Other Recommended Bars Clubs in Bodrum

Bodrum has got amazing number choices for night life and musical events. It even rivals with big cities of Turkey including Istanbul. In downtown Bodrum the most bars are located along what is called the Bar Street (Barlar Sokagi). The Bar street consists of Dr Alim Bey - the one closer to the castle - and Cumhuriyet streets almost connected to each other both running parallel to the coast. There is surely at least one bar or club along the street for everyone's taste offering any kind of music you would want to hear; jazz, blues, rock, live music, Latin, classic or Turkish pop music etc. There are many Turkish live music bars (meyhanes) where the most famous Turkish singers would perform, some of whom are queer-celebrities of Turkish televisions. During the summer most famous singers of Turkey give concerts at the Bodrum Castle or at the antic theatre of Bodrum. Beach district Gumbet also has its own nightlife, and a smaller bar street. Gumbet is more dominated by British style bars and night-life.

Here are some of the popular regular (none-gay) bars with their links on Google Maps.

Select Your Language Alem Bar
Select Your Language Marine Club Katamaran
Select Your Language Mandalin Club
Select Your Language Kule Rock City Bar
Select Your Language Mavi Bar

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Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses in Bodrum

There are no apparent gay baths and saunas in Bodrum. Please note that most owners of action places such as cinemas, baths and saunas do not like to be mentioned on gay websites or guide books even if they want them to come to their venues for business reasons. Actually, it is very possible to meet interested people in such places anytime in Turkey, whether it be a gay venue or not. 

Gay Cruising Spots in Bodrum

In general, the cruising areas - especially parks and secluded beaches are where gay men should be more selective with the people they happen to meet. It is always possible to come across to some bad guys who want to trap the gay men in suchlike places. Especially, be careful at night time and do not carry very valuable things and a lot of money on you, just in case.

The most visible cruising places in Bodrum are these:

Select Your Language Bodrum Castle -  Google Map
The breakwater behind the Bodrum Castle has been closed to pedestrians since several years but the water front between the castle and Marina is still cruisy, sometimes until morning light in season. If you cruise at night, do not carry your valuables with you, just in case. This area is the place where itinerant people who came to town for a job would hang around.

Select Your Language Bar Street - Google Map
Combination of Dr. Alim Bey and Cumhuriyet Caddesi (streets), but better known as Barlar Caddesi (the street of bars/clubs) is the area where all major bars, clubs and some restaurants of Bodrum are located next to each other. In busy season the street itself turns into an open air club, piled up with people walking from one club/bar to another. It gets cruisy late in the evening and around midnight. The bars street area start from the Castle to Club Halikasnas along the coast.

Select Your Language Belediye Park - Google Map
The central park near the town hall around the square. It is possible to run into other gay men occasionally late after midnight.

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Gay Friendly Beaches in Bodrum

Select Your Language Haremtan Beach - Google Map
The secluded beach between Gumbet and Bodrum is called "Erkekler Plajı" (men's beach) by some native gay men. This part of the beach is rocky and less sandy. Nude sunbathing is possible in isolated parts, but still watch if other people are doing it before you try.  It is possible to see some itinerant tourist hustlers in this part and it may be wise not to have a lot of money on you, because it is a desolate place a little far from settlement area. From Bodrum take Bardakci-Gumbet minibuses passing Siesta Beach hotel. Get off from minibus in front of Salmakis Residence; walk towards windmills; keep walking downward until you reach to the tip of smaller peninsula. It will take you some 20 minutes to reach there. If you are coming from Gumbet Beach. Climb up to hill after passing Siesta Aparts., and then downward and walk to the tip of the smaller peninsula on your left. It takes some 20-30 minutes hard walking from Gumbet beach. If you have a car you can drive in as close to as Windmills, from where it takes 5-10 minutes walking.

Select Your Language Pasatarlasi Public Beach - Google Map
The public beach (Belediye Halk Plaiji) in Kumbahce quarter in the city center is located right after you walk pass Halicarnassus Disco, on the way to port of Bodrum. Especially the beach area in front of Bebek and Diamond hotels are recommended, where you will always see several middle-aged local gay man in summer season who are very easy to notice. Because it is a free beach and has no professional services such as change-rooms, lockers etc, it is usually preferred by the people living in the vicinity; few tourists staying in the neighborhood hotels as well as poor & itinerant people who come to Bodrum to work. The beach is sandy and the water is usually very clear.

Other Beaches in Bodrum

It is clever to stay in downtown Bodrum, because from the bus terminal you can go anywhere you like by local minibuses (Dolmus) available until late hours in peak season and are not expensive. There is something for everyone in the beaches of Bodrum. If you want to just lie down and relax on the sun lounger Turgutreis, Torba, Gundogan and Bitez is for you. If you are into water sports, crowded and loud fun beaches then stay in Gumbet. If you like private beach loud music and big cushions to lie down Orange Club in Gumbet is the place to go, which turns into a beach club at night. One is certainly spoilt for choice for beaches around the Bodrum peninsula, which are all easily reached by dolmus (shared taxis), which run from the main bus station in Bodrum town and are very cheap.

Select Your Language Gumbet Beach - Google Map
Gumbet is the nearest beach district of Bodrum, about 2 km away and easily accessible from Bodrum's city center by very frequent public busses/hotel shuttles. This is the place where you can see many gay-man around, most of them staying in neighborhood Gumbet or Bodrum hotels.

Select Your Language Bitez Beach.- Google Map 
Bitez beach is just over the hill from Gumbet and can be reached quickest by taxi. Its village is 2 Km inland from its sea front. Bitez is a quieter beach than Gumbet but hosts cafes and restaurants. The water is shallow and the area is very sheltered, therefore very popular for windsurfing and other water sports. See photo

Select Your Language Ortakent Yahsi - Google Map
Ortakent village is in the center of the Bodrum peninsular. However its beach lies 3 km south of the village which can be reached by dolmuş from downtown. The beach provides a long stretch of sand with water sports facilities, numerous restaurants and hotels. The water there is nice for swimming as the bottom drops off quickly.

Select Your Language Turgutreis Beaches - Google Map  
Tugut Reis is recognized as a town rather than a village. It is the second largest settlement on the Bodrum peninsula. Turgut Reis has a very good sandy beach but it is not sheltered so water sports are not available here. It hosts a weekly bazaar on Saturdays.

Select Your Language Gumusluk - Google Map
Gumusluk is a peaceful village and is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula, definitely worth visiting. Gümüşlük retains its charm as building work is restricted in an attempt to protect the ancient site of Myndos which lies mainly beneath the village. Part of Myndos lies underwater and can be seen by snorkelers. Also here is a small island called “Rabbit Island” (Tavsan Adasi) which can be reached by wading through the water. Locals raise rabbits on the island and later sell them in markets elsewhere. The sandy beach to the west of the village is good for sunbathers and there are some very good restaurants in the village that specialize in fish.

Select Your Language Bagla / Camel Beach - Google Map
Bagla (also known as Camel Beach or Kargi Beach) offers one of the best opportunities to escape the bustle of many of the more conveniently located beaches in the immediate Bodrum area. Camel beach is in Ortakent Yahsi, at a distance of only 8 km to Bodrum. The main beach/camel beach is very clean with a selection of beach cafes & waterspouts and safe for swimming as well. Kargi bay is basic stopover point for daily boat tours, which stop near the beach and give a swimming break. You can indeed hire a camel for a ride here.

Select Your Language Torba Beach - Google Map
Torba is situated in a protected bay in the gulf of Gulluk on the extreme north coast of the Bodrum peninsula. Numerous jetties are supplied for sunbathers and plenty of restaurants are scattered along the sea shore.

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