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Kusadasi is famous with its international port and for being a base to visit the neighborhood historical sites, the most famous one being Ephesus. There are not many gay exclusive venues in Kusadasi, but it is probably one of the top summer destination in Turkey visited by gay tourists especially arriving with cruise ships and many others staying overnight for a couple of days to see the near-by ancient cities. Besides being very close to many historical places Kusadasi also provides a colorful nightlife, all summer activities you can imagine and it has many beautiful beaches around it. The town is also visited in winter season by many tourists because the daily tours to Ephesus, Pamukkale etc are available from Kusadasi almost everyday round the year.

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Club Tattoo
Address: Sakarya Sok. No:10A, Kaleici (old town), Kusadasi.
Website: Click here for guest reviews, location map and more
Club Tattoo is one of the oldest among the gay bars and clubs in Turkey and the only exclusively gay club in Kusadasi and Turkey.

Love Sensation Club
Address: Sakarya Sok, No:22, Kaleici (old town), Kusadasi
Website: Click here for guest reviews, location map and more
New gay club was opened in late 2021 by the former employees of Tattoo Club, Kusadasi.

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Other Recommended Bars in Kusadasi

Most of the major bars and clubs of Kusadasi is located in the bar street, among which you can choose easily when you just walk along. Kusadasi is very famous with its night life. You can find different music from every corner of the world. Having an evening out in Kusadasi town is for sure too much fun. There are 2 streets of bars here. “Barlar Sokagi / The Street of Bars” and “Asagi Barlar Sokagi / The Lower Street of Bars”. Countless Irish bars dominate the former and the Turkish ones the latter. Both streets have stone houses converted to clubs, bars. All the clubs and discos full with fun with their friendly atmosphere, high quality service and they have special attractions during the high season.

Here are some of the popular regular (none-gay) bars in Kusadasi with Google Map links.

Select Your Language Fistik Bar - (Also reported as gay-friendly venue several years ago).
Select Your Language Ex Club
Select Your Language Goodfellas Karaoke Bar
Select Your Language Paparazi Club
Select Your Language Jimmy's Irish Bar

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Gay Cruising Spots and Beaches in Kusadasi

Cruising spots are not as crowded as they used to be before the Internet era, especially after mobile apps became popular. Although there may still be some gay men in these places, usually after dark; it is advisable to be a little cautious especially in parks and secluded beaches. It is recommended that you do not carry very valuable items or large amounts of money with you, just in case. Here are some possible cruising areas and beaches in Kusadasi:

Select Your Language Neighbourhood of Marina
Select Your Language Waterfront - Especially near the yacht marina.
Select Your Language Merkez Park - Central park near the marina
Select Your Language Barlar Sokağı - The bar street (Sakarya Sokak)
Select Your Language Kusadasi Men's Beach - Secluded rocky beach area far from the residential zones close to Tusan Hotel
Select Your Language Aydinlik Koyu (National Park)- The isolated parts of the public bay / beach within Dilek Peninsula National Park (Kalamaki) was suggested as a "gay friendly / nude beach" by a Turkish visitor to our website in early July 2017. Aydinlar bay is the second public beach area after you enter the national park, roughly 5 km inside. According to the information we received after you reach the public beach you should keep walking to your right towards the isolated rocky area where nude sunbathing is also said to be possible after you are a considerable distance away from the multitude. You can reach the National Park in various ways. You can take a minibus leaving at regular hours from Kusadasi bus station (opposite the Friday Market), rent a car or or join boat tours.

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Other Popular Neighborhood Beaches of Kusadasi:

Select Your Language Kustur Beach
5 km (3 miles) north of Kusadasi lies Kustur Beach, probably one of the most preferred beach area around Kusadasi. This area consists of 1 km long sandy shore. The beach and the surroundings were reorganized and rebuilt by the local government in 2000 and has become more attractive now. The beach area offers deck chairs, sun umbrellas, water sports activities, showers, toilets, sand volleyball court, cafés and restaurants and even an ATM machine in case you need urgent cash ! The beach is quiet crowded on Sundays and during national holidays. Watching sun set from this beach is an extraordinary occasion. The sea is usually calm in the mornings and wavy in the afternoons. Transportation is very easy by public means

Select Your Language Downtown Beach (Merkez Plaji)
Downtown beach is the only beach within the town, located next to marina, facing harbour. There is no entrance fee. There are no sun umbrellas or deck chairs though. It is a convenient beach to take a quick dip in to the sea if you are staying in a downtown hotel.

Select Your Language Kadinlar Pilaji (Ladies Beach)
This beach gives its name to town established near it. Ladies Beach is a sandy beach, 1 km long which offers sun umbrellas, deck chairs, showers, cafés and restaurants across the street from the beach. Ladies Beach, one of the most preferred beaches in the area is extremely crowded on Sundays due to native vacationers. It's only 5 minutes drive or 20 minutes walk from the center of town. The area is full of hotels, apart hotels, pensions and summer houses. You can also enjoy all water sports activities in this beach.

Select Your Language Green Beach (Yesil Plaj)
This beach is only 5 minutes drive from the center of town and almost 5 minute walk from ladies beach area. It's a sandy beach and you can either lie on the sand or on the grass under the palm trees. It's a small and calm beach. On Sundays, however, the beach is quite packed with native vacationers.

Select Your Language Papaz Beach
Snake Island (Yilanci Burnu) bay is a rocky beach area very near the center of town. Snake Island is actually a very small peninsula to the left of Pigeon Island (Guvercin Adasi). This beach is only 10 minutes walk from the town center. The beach offers deck chairs, sun umbrellas, cafés and a restaurant. The peninsula provides two beaches one facing south-west and the other north. You can choose between the two depending on the the direction of wind. The most convenient way to get here is to join daily boat trips from city center, which usually give a swimming break at the beach.

Select Your Language Long Beach
Long Beach (Uzun Plaj) which is 15 minutes drive away from Kusadasi is a 6 km long beach area at the south of Kusadasi. The coastal area is occupied by hotels and Turkish summer house complexes. Long Beach offers deck chairs, showers, toilets, cafés, restaurants and especially water sport activities such as water skiing, parasailing and jet skiing.

Select Your Language National Park (Kalamaki)
Lying 30 km (19miles) south of Kusadasi towards the end of Kusadasi Bay, on Dilek Peninsula, National Park is one of the most preserved places in the country. Dense pine trees which cover the mountains reach the beaches and the sea in this well reserved park. The sea water in this area is crystal clear. Whether you like hiking in the mountain trails or lying on the relaxing beach, this is an absolute paradise for vacationers. When you enter the park the first beach on the right-hand side is a sandy beach with picnic tables, shower facilities, toilets, deck chairs and a cafe-restaurant.

Select Your Language Pamucak Beach
10 km north of town towards Selcuk and only 5 km (3 miles) from the ancient city of Ephesus lies the 5 km (3 miles) long Pamucak Beach. The sandy beach is approximately 80 meters (240 ft) wide. Through the middle of the beach the river Kucuk Menderes meets with the sea. This beach offers no sun umbrellas nor deck chairs. However, you can enjoy horse back riding or camel riding on the beach. Although this beach is also visited by lots of local vacationers on Sundays and national holidays, the beach does not seem so crowded because of its size.

Select Your Language Beach Clubs
There are many beach clubs in Kusadasi such as Jade's Beach Club, Ephesia, Orient Cuba etc..  You can enjoy music, shows, events, drinks, shade, sun, sand, grass, parties all at the same time in the beach clubs, private facilities where you have to pay a certain fee to use the premises. The clubs offer deck chairs, sun umbrellas, café and a restaurant. The area has no sand but there is a concrete-stone mixture platform on the rocks. You can either choose to dive or walk into the deep water.

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