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Gay Bars and Clubs in Antalya

The gay bars in Antalya change their name or location almost every year. Following venues has already been closed down: Work Club in 2011, My Angel in 2009 changed its name as 7 BUCUK in 2010 and closed down at the end of same year. Before them there was Alexander Club and Romeo 07 which also did not last long and closed down roughly in 2007/2008. Finally Antalya Q-Club has been closed down only several months after it was opened in 2012.

Mira G-Zone Club (23:00-05:00)
Address: Imaret Sokak, No:41, Uckapilar, Muratpasa , Antalya
Miragzoneclub.html (Click for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more)

Although Mira G-Zone Club was opened recently in October 2018, the owner & manager of the club in very well-known figure in Antalya's LGBT nightlife, who has been working in other gay club for many years. So it made a good start and became popular in a short time. The club is in old town center Kaleici, very close to well-known Hadrian's Gate aka Uckapilar
Click here for more information including location map and guest reviews.

Ceyn Athena (21:00 - 06:00)
Address : Kisla Mah. 59. Sokak. Cumhuriyet Meydani, Antalya.
Web: Ceynathena.html (Click for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more)
Although this is a straight-owned venue it has been the longest lasting exclusively gay bar / club in Antalya. The club is welcoming local and foreign gay men and lesbian women. Transvestites can also be seen once in a while. They are trying to provide a very relaxed atmosphere and organize miscellaneous shows and activities on various days of the week. It is located on the "Barlar Sokagi", the small bars-street near historical Marina and Cumhuriyet Meydanı, the main square of down-town Antalya. The street is somewhere across the Orduevi (Military Officer's Club) building. When you walk into L-shaped Barlar Sokağı (59. sokak) from Cumhuriyet avenue you need to turn to the right to see the clubs entrance ahead of you, at the end of this dead-end street. Click here for guest reviews, location map, videos and more information.
Reviews about this venue:

Gay Friendly Venues in Antalya

Favori Restaurant
Address: Uzuncarsi Sokak, No:19 , Kaleici,  Antalya, Turkey
Web: Trip Advisor &
This venues was recommended as gay friendly venues by a website visitor
"Favori Restaurant in Antalya is a nice restaurant situated in old town-Kaleici; 200 m below the Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi). Narghile (water pipe) is also available" (Posted by Janod from Germany on 11/09/2009)

Gay Friendly Cinemas in Antalya

Although there is not a gay exclusive cinema in Antalya although some straight porno-cinemas are frequented by gay men. Because of Turkey's bisexual culture it's possible to have some limited action in most of such places. In a few of them gays are really welcomed. But still better be a little discrete , because they are open to the public. Make sure that you are approaching the right person because they are all visited by straight men as well.

Class Sinemasi
Address: Catalkopru Cd. No:10, Sahin Is Merkezi, Muratpasa, Antalya
Class Cinema is a gay friendly blue movie theater, reopened in October 2018 after some 5 years. It is located at the basement floor of the building full of other small shops and called "Sahin Is Merkezi". Look for that signboard at the entrance to locate the building and walk into the passage (there is no signboard on the street). The street it is located is close to Murtapasa Mosque, somewhere across from Markantalya Shopping Mall. Unlike similar venues, this venue was reported to us as a gay-friendly place by the owners in October 2018.

Kent Sinemasi (10:00-19:00)
Address : Şarampol Cd, Kapalıyol, 461. Sok. No:5, Muratpasa, Antalya, Turkey
From Muratpasa Mosque walk towards old city Kaleici / Clock Tower into the the shopping street closed to car traffic which is known as Kapaliyol, (closed road) a part of Sarampol street. Right after you enter Kapali Yol take the first turn on your left into the narrow street (461 sokak) by the Koton dress shop. You will see its sign-board on your left after walking a few meters. Muratpasa mosque is located at the square in Muratapasa neighborhood of city center, very close to Mark Antalya shopping mall. If you go from Kaleici start from Clock Tower in the opposite direction.

Reviews about this venue:

"Porn Cinema near the The Murat Pasa Mosque. The Mosque is reached by going up the pedestrian shopping street opposite the Clock Tower and Cumhuriyet Square. Easiest way to find is.... Stand at the south west corner of the Mosque and face the sea. Go down the shopping street and take the first left turn just past a modern , Turkish fast food take-away restaurant. Kent Sinemasi is down this street. It is just by the letter "S" on the words Sarampol Cd in the centre of this map Sex is frequent and open (not hidden) between men in the back row of this cinema. Turkish men are almost always "Top/Active" though. They do not have condoms , so take your own and USE them !" (Posted to our Yahoo group on October 12th, 2010)

"Side street off Sarampol Caddesi. From the Clock Tower (famous landmark) , walk north up the shopping street 406sk which changes in to Sarampol Cd. Just before you reach the junction with the Murat Pasa Mosque ( at 465sk) There is a side street on your right which is just north of 12sk on your left. 50m down this side street is Kent Cinema. It is a Porn Cinema showing straight porn with giant screen run from projector. This street is opposite a large store which is very modern, very tall and in ipod plastic white. You could do the route in reverse and start from Murat Pasa Mosque, go down Sarampol Cd (towards the clock tower/sea) and it would be your first side street on the left. One very large room with about 200 seats. Entry fee is cheap, about 3 Euros and you can come and go all day. Almost in all porno or erotic movie cinemas in Turkey, it is possible to see gay or bisexual men, although their owners do not want to be classified as gay-venues. Make sure that you are approaching the right person because they are not gay-exclusive venues and are visited by straight men as well. Morning and Lunch time is busiest, but, it is steady throughout the day until closing. Between gay and bisexual men is in the back row. Rows in front tend to be occupied by men who do not want to be bothered. Mixture of ages and body types , mostly Turkish locals, few tourists. Mostly "top" men , very few bottoms. " (Posted to our Yahoo group on August 21st, 2011)

Aspendos Sinemasi (11:00-21:00)
Attention: This venue is closed down.
Address: Ali Cetinkaya Cad, 1264 Sokak, No: 13, Muratpasa, Antalya.
It is also possble to reach from Ucakapilar (Hadrian's Gate) via back streets but it is easier via Ali Cetinkaya strreet. From the Clock Tower walk east following the tram line along Ali Cetincaya Cd -road. Turn to right hand side from street 1264. You will find the cinema on your left hand side in the 3rd block just before the post office. It is in a basement inside the passage of the building hard to notice as it is cover with ivies and trees in front of it and it has no visible sign-board, So look carefully. As of 2016 there is a kebab restaurant called Adana Sofrasi across the street with respect to the entrance.  .

Reviews about this venue:
" This venue is DEFINITELY CLOSED - I visted September 2018" (October 19th, 2018)
"Its REOPEN NOW!!! Best gay place in ANTALYA!!!!! Your comments: "From the CLOCK TOWER Walk EAST (not west) following the tram line to Ali Cetincaya Cd -road. Take the street "1264" going south/right. You find the cinema on your left hand in the 3rd block just before the post office. It is in a basement . Porn, cruising zone / dark room in the cellar. Many gay guys." (posted by Pedro from Spain on February 28th, 2016)

"The Aspendos Cinemasi is closed.. it doesn't exist anymore...june 20th 2014" (Posted by Tim on June 20th, 2014)

"From the CLOCK TOWER Walk EAST (not west) following the tram line to Ali Cetincaya Cd -road. Take the street "1264" going south/right. You find the cinema on your left hand in the 3rd block just before the post office. It is in a basement , is hard to spot, so look inside "open entrys". The sign is pretty small and just above the stairs inside. It is just right near the Vodafone shop. Plus there is some kind of what we would call cruising zone / dark room in the cellar, where lots of action is. No one hassles for money in the Cinemas, so , it is a safe place for casual activities...." (Posted by David from USA on February 24 2014)

"Side street off Ali Cetincaya Caddesi.From the Clock Tower (famous landmark) walk west following the tram route along Cumhuriyet Caddesi, towards Dogu Garaji (the next tram stop). Cumhuriyet Caddesi changes to become Ali Cetincaya Caddesi. Go down Husnu Karakas Caddesi (right/south) and ask someone where the Post Office (PTT carsi subesi) is. Just north of the Post Office in a minor street (possibly 1236sk) , on your right you will find a commercial building with a sign saying Aspendos Sinemasi. The Cinema is in the basement. It is a Porn Cinema showing straight porn with giant screen run from projector. One very large room with about 80 seats, all on one flat level. Entry fee is cheap , about 3 euros and you can come and go all day. Action between gay and bisexual men is in the back row . Rows in front tend to be occupied by men who do not want to be bothered. Mixture of ages and body types , mostly Turkish locals, few tourists. Mostly "top" men, very few bottoms. Almost in all porno or erotic movie cinemas in Turkey, it is possible to see gay or bisexual men, although their owners do not want to be classified as gay-venues" (Posted to our Yahoo group on August 21st, 2011)

Bati Sinemalari (11:00-21:00)
This venue has been closed in early 2010's.
"Bati cinema doesn't exist anymore . March 2016." (Posted by Bernd from Germany on March 5th, 2015)

Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses in Antalya:

Homosexuality is not and has never been illegal in Turkey and individuals can not be punished by any law for homosexual action, but any sexual action (gay/straight) is still forbidden in public venues and can be a reason for periodical closure of the venues by the authorities. Probably for that reason most owners of action places such as cinemas, baths and saunas do not like to be mentioned on gay websites or guide books even if they want them to come to their venues for business reason. The places listed under this category are not gay venues and do not necessarily allow gay action inside. So, it is advised to to be discrete.

Akdeniz Hamami
Address: Hasan Subasi Caddesi, 46. Sokak, No: 22, Muratpasa, Antalya
This place was reported by a website visitor as below:
"Walk towards sea side from the street right in front of Murat Paşa mosque (possibly Sarampol street), it is inside a small lane. Muratpasa mosque is near the old intercity bus terminal. I haven't been there personally, but heard from friends that it is a quiet bath, not a gay-friendly place, but it may be possible to see some gay men. (12/01/2009)

Visitor feedbacks:
"The directions given previously are incorrect. From the statue, head AWAY from the sea along the pedestrian street. At the first road crossing, turn right and the baths are about 150m along the street." (Posted by A.C. form UK on 26/07/2009)

"The Hamam on Kocatepe Sokak (street) in Kaleici / Antalya has been recommended by a website visitor on July 2011 as below: "This is a gay hamam, I have enjoyed it very much. There were Turkish and tourist gays. Although people working there knows what's going on they act like / prefer not to know." Nevertheless, the owners of this venue had sent us very rude and aggressive messages before, only because we were advertising them on this gay website - so we had to removed it. Sometimes, this is understandable because hamams (or similar "action" places open to public) still can be closed by local authorities based on some primitive regulations still in operation. Another person has sent following message for the same hamam on August 2011 "Men's are not separate from women's. No gay atmosphere. Its like all the places in Antalya. They just put you an a cabin, ask you to take your cloth off and they take u downstairs. When you are on the steam room the man call you after 5 minute to for scrub ... After an other 5 min the scrub is over and they invite you to go upstairs get dress and go. The TV is on and very loud. You hear people come in and ask for prices... No local people, just straight tourists. At my same time there were 2 straight couple holding hands."... So, please try this venue accordingly.

Gay Cruising Areas in Antalya:

In general, the cruising areas - especially parks and secluded beaches are where gay men should be more selective with the people they meet. It is always possible to come across to some bad guys who want to trap the gay men in such places. Especially, be careful at night time and do not carry very valuable things and a lot of money on you, just in case.

The most visible cruising places in Antalya are these:

Yacht Marina
You can see local gay men cruising especially along the breakwater by the Yacht Marina, amphitheatre and its neighborhood. Yach Marina is located in Kaleici, old city district in downtown Antalya. It is usually not very dangerous to walk about as long as you be selective with people you get in touch with. There may be hustlers in the vicinity. (Location Map)

Karaalioglu Park
Also called as Karaoglan park mistakenly, this is a very big park in downtown Antalya somewhere between yacht Marina and Football stadium. Especially the isolated parts closer to the sea side are where most local gay men are walking about. Watch out hustlers and thieves especially late at night, and do not carry valuable belongings on you. Please see visitor reviews below for more detailed information. (Location map)

Yavuz Ozcan Park.
Most people would not know the name of the park as Yavuz Ozcan, which is located opposite of Selekler Carsisi, that most people would know better. Selekler Carsisi is a one of the old shopping mall at the junction of Gulluk and Konyaalti streets. The park is more central, therefore safer than Karaalioglan Park to walk around after dark, but you still need to be careful with the people you meet here. (Location Map)

Cumhuriyet Meydani
The square at the heart of down town Antalya. You can see few local gay people cruising around especially in the evening, mostly around the monument. (Location Map)

Old Lara Road
The walkway and parks between the flag at Fener (the quarter named after the lighthouse) up to Moonlight Hotel along Eski Lara Yolu (old Lara street connecting down-town Antalya to Lara district). This place was reported as a cruising area by a website visitor in July 2010.

Gay Friendly & Other Beaches in Antalya

There is not any peculiarly gay-friendly beach in Antalya, but it is more likely to come across other some gay men in following beaches.

Adalar Beach.
It is a modest private beach you can try if you are staying in Kaleici. Do not expect any visible gay atmosphere. The entrance is at the far end of the Karaalioglu Park when you walk from Kaleici. Look for a small sign-board on your right walk down the steps to reach the entrance. (See on Google Map) . It is a small beach created on artificial platforms mounted on the rocks and it has no sandy beach. There are sun beds, umbrellas and changing rooms as well as beverage service. This place was initially suggested by a Turkish website visitor as: "When you walk into the Karaalioglu park and reach the place called "balkon" (Balcony) it is right down under. This place is often visited by local gay men as well as gay tourists and even some transgender. It is a secluded place and mostly rocky."

Konyaalti beach,
Konyaalti Beach is the nearest public beach with respect to the city center and old city called Kaleici on the west side of Antalya. It is a long strand of pebbles and rough stand backed by park, some hotels, and residential areas. It is a pleasant walk to get to Konyaalti from city center but you can also take the tram westward from Kalekapisi at the center of Antalya to the end of the line near the Antalya Museum and the Falez and Sheraton Voyager hotels, then walk downhill 10 minutes to reach Antalya Beach Park and the eastern end of Konyaalti Plaji. Antalya Beach Park has shade trees, snack stands, restaurants, cafes and bars, showers and other services, as well as beach chairs and sun umbrellas for rent.

Lara beach.
Lara is the most popular beach district near Antalya city center, about 16 km but easily accessible by frequent public buses and shuttle-like public taxies called "dolmush" in Turkey. Lara Plaji (Lara Beach) east of Antalya is a long beach of gentle waves, darkish sand, and some small pebbles. Most parts of the beach are backed by commercial services offering beach chairs, sun umbrellas, snacks and drinks, showers and perhaps even some entertainment. The beach begins east of Antalya's falez (cliffs), just past the Lower Düden Waterfall (Asagi Düden Selalesi). East of the waterfall a point of land extends into the Gulf of Antalya. Hotels, restaurants and other services host visitors who swim mostly from docks and platforms.
The real sand beach starts on the east side of the point and extends for several kilometers. The first major installation is Lara Halk Plaji, with beach services organized by the city of Antalya.

Reviews About Cruising Places and beaches in Antalya
"Karaalioglu park: Few active men looking for sex during the night. You hook up in the park and the action happens in the dark areas of the cliffs. Bring your condoms and don't bring valuables. " (Posted by Gonzales from Spain on July 25 2014)

"Cumhuriyet meydani: Safe place, go there after 9 pm...only a place to pick up guys take them home, as Police controls at nights are regular. Be selective, lots of young straight crowds. They are friendly - but not gay! Karaalioglu Park: Nice place to go, lots of straight guys as well, so be selective. Walk down Atatürk caddesi, straight on into the park, you will end up at the centre turret. At your left there are steps going down to the base. The rest you will find yourself. A safe place to go." (Posted by Adrew on March 19th 2014)

"Sunbathe daytimes in front of the old, derelict swimming pool on Konyaalti Beach, just past Plaji 8 . Take reef shoes for going in and out of the sea , as the beach is pebbly. See who goes in and out of the swimming pool and follow them. Also , hang around here any time of day as it is a local gay sex spot. At night , cruising and sex below the ramparts in Karaalioglu Park, Antalya City Watch out though , they will ask you for money after you have had sex, so , best to go there with no money, no watch , no phone , no valuables. Cumhuriyet Square , right next to the clock tower in Antalya City. Local gays meet to chat and cruise. Common sense tells you that if the guy is quite well dressed and western'ish he is probably just a normal gay or bi guy looking for hook-ups. Chatting to the gay tourists here is also a good thing. If a local guy is poor and grubby looking , he is probably only there cruising for sex with the view of receiving payment. He wont be into you , he will be in to your money. Again , go there with no phone , no watch or jeweler and just a small amount of money." (Posted to our Yahoo group on October 12th, 2010)

"Karaalioglu Park is a large ,public park, located at the sea front on the perimeter of the "Old Town". Three large turrets are built in to the cliffs at the sea and these turrets hold the park level. Cruising and action takes place at the base of the centre turret. It involves quite a treacherous climb down the cliff face in order to achieve privacy. From Antalya "Clock Tower" (famous landmark) walk south down Ataturk Caddesi, for about 10 minutes, until you reach the park. Walk many tourist hotels are located. walk through the park to the sea, where you will find the turrets. Cruise the walls of the turrets or sit on the steps that lead down to the base of the centre turret. Consider taking a look at it in daylight first , since the path down to the base of the turrets and onward down the cliff is treacherous.. Local men may ask you for money or may be pick pockets. The risk is more prevalent at this location as it is remote and dark and has only one entry and exit point. Avoid if there are groups of local youths, leave and come back another time. Go there with minimal money and leave your valuables at your hotel. Most Turkish men consider themselves "tops" so be prepared to bottom." (Posted to our Yahoo group on August 21st, 2011)

"Konyaalti Beach. From Antalya City Centre it is about 5km to the West, at the junction of 602sk and Akdeniz Boulevard. There is a small park at the sea front opposite the Riviera Suite Hotel at 602sk. Men cruise the 800m boardwalk along here , beginning and ending their walk in this park. At sunset until midnight. Take a seat on one of the benches in the park, catch someone's eye and strike up a conversation. If no one is here , walk along the boardwalk to the derelict swimming pool and try there. It is cruising and "take away" only". (Posted to our Yahoo group on August 21st, 2011)

"Patara Beach. Patara Beach is one of only three or four official nude beaches in Turkey. Nude sunbathing is permitted some distance away from the clothed section. Cruising and gay/bi sex occurs in the sand dunes behind the beach. Near the town of Patara and Gelemis , Patara Beach is approximately 10 miles west of Kalkan, 230 miles west of Antalya, 75miles east of Dalaman. (Click here for Google map). From the beach car park walk approximately half a mile west (to your right), away from the clothed tourists and cafe. Spot the small , man-made beach shelters, made out of twigs on the shoreline or other nudists and you have reached it. Cruising occurs away from the shoreline , in the sand dunes behind. Take plenty of refreshments. Best Times: 1200 – 1800. At 1900 the beach is closed to the public and patrolled by military as it is a protected area used by sea turtles. Sex between gay and bisexual men is possible in relative secrecy in the sand dunes and shrubbery. Mixture of ages and body types , mostly Turkish locals, few tourists. Mostly "top" men , very few bottoms. It is so remote that there are never many people there, but that is in fact its' main attraction. It is a 12 mile long , un spoilt beach of worldwide heritage status. A handful of hotels and b+b's exist within the village of Petara but it is also possible to stay in the tourist resort of Kalkan, which is 10 miles east. Here you can catch the local bus (dolmus) for very little money , and it runs every hour until the beach closes. There will not be dozens of gay/bi men at this location , perhaps just a handful at most. Some days , there might be none". (Posted to our Yahoo group on August 21st, 2011)

"Antalya/Side Town Gay Cruising. Cruising in the sand dunes in the area between the sea on the East Beach (Dolphin Beach Bar) and the main bus station to the north. A nice place to swim and sunbathe is the East Beach. Gays use the western end of East Beach, where an ancient wall encroaches the sea by the Dolphin Beach Bar (closest to Side Town Centre). Behind this area of beach is scrub land containing, as yet, unexcavated historical ruins. There are trees , bushes and sand dunes. Local men come down to the dunes late afternoon onwards looking for sex. From the main bus station , walk directly south towards the sea. A track leads down , which you can see on the map and the dunes and bushes are on your right. Or , walk from Side town , heading East. Action between gay and bisexual men is possible in relative secrecy within old ruined buildings or bushes around the sand dunes. It is a busy tourist town , but there are not many gay and bisexual men there. There will not be dozens of gay/bi men at this location , perhaps just a handful at most. (Posted to our Yahoo group on August 21st, 2011)

Other Beaches Near Antalya.

Olympos Beach
This beach is located within the national green park of Olympos and it is easy to realize why Turkish people want to preserve and keep this place free from modern development. If one day is not enough for you to explore the beach and surrounding areas, book into one of the many beach houses that surrounded the golden sands of the coastline (Google Map)

Kaputas Beach
Located in the quiet, laid back resort of Kalkan is the Kaputas Beach. It is a very small beach, but it is also very beaitiful so you are advised to go early in the morning to find a good place to lay down under the sun.Calming waters and the yellow sands blend together in amongst the backdrop views to provide a location that can only be nicknamed paradise. In summer season, you can come here with frequent mini buses running between Kalkan. The beach is right by the highway, closer to Kalkan. (Google Map)

Kemer Beach
Kemer Beach is for those who want to be waited on hand and foot while relaxing in a manicured environment. While other beaches boast of the beauty of nature, Kemer beach is tailored to ensure all travelers are treated like king and queen for the day. (Google Map)

Sorgun Beach
This cute little beach can be found in an area called Manavgat, near Side. It is rather popular among the families. There are water sports facilities as well.

Phaselis Beach
West of the touristic town of Kemer is the quiet secluded place of Phaselis Beach. Due to its beauty and calm, serene atmosphere, many of the daily yacht trips will dock here so that their guests can take amazing photographs of a fascinating and eye-catching beach (Google Map)

Cleopatra Beach
If you are looking for a family friendly beach, head to the resort of Alanya to see Cleopatra Beach for yourself. Paddle in the clear, blue water with your children or take part in one of the various water sports activities that are happening all day long. This beach is a favorite for many tourists who visit Turkey every year. (Google Map)

Incekum Beach
This beach in Alanya has often been called one of the best beaches on the southern coastline. The water is crystal clear and blue and due to the shallow depths, it has become a popular choice for families with young kids who want to get in and splash around.

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Gay Groups and LGBT Organizations in Antalya:

Pembe Caretta LGBTQ
Web: Facebook / Pembe Carettalgbt
Pembe (Pink) Caretta is a LGBT solidarity group formed by the students of Akdeniz University based in Antalya. There was another group called Antalya Gokkusagi (Rainbow) before which is not active anymore.

BİZ Antalya
Web: Facebook / Biz Antalya/
A new LGBT solidarity organization founded in Antalya in early 2017. Its full name is "BİZ Cinsel Yönelim ve Cinsiyet Kimliği Araştırmaları Topluluğu", which means 'WE - community for sexual orientation and identity studies" in Turkish.

Click here for more information about Turkish gay life and LGBT solidarity movement in Turkey.

Gay & Lesbian Internet Resources for Antalya:

LGBT Turkey
The meeting point of Turkish & none- Turkish gay men living / visiting Turkey. You can follow activities all over Turkey, including Ankara in this bilingual (Turkish & English) Facebook community page.

Yahoo Group for Turkish Gays
A Yahoo Group to meet Turkish gay men from all over Turkey. You can leave a message to meet Turkish gays and gay tourists living in or visiting Ankara in this group.

Yahoo Group For Turkish Lesbians
A Yahoo Group to meet Turkish Lesbians from all over Turkey. You can leave a message to meet Turkish lesbians and lesbian tourists living in or visiting Ankara in this group.

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Gay Life in Antalya

Antalya is the tourism paradise of Turkey with a very long summer and offering natural, historical and cultural beauties. Modern and liberal life makes everything easier for gay people too. The city is also known as Turkish Riviera internationally. Lots of bars, nightclubs on the seafront, restaurants and shops adorn Antalya.

In early 2007 there was an attempt to open a big gay-excusive hotel - then called Planet Victorya- in Kemer district of Antalya. It was not successful probably because it was too big for the capacity of gay tourists coming to Kemer and the administration did not know much about the basics of gay tourism. The outlook and the inner decoration of the chosen hotel building was also far from gay-taste.

Visitor feedbacks for gay life in Antalya:

"As a gay tourist looking for some fun you are best off visiting Istanbul and maybe Antalya and Bodrum, cause these are the gay friendliest places in the country. My visits to Antalya and Bodrum were very impressive, not so much because of the rich history, but all the more because of their gay friendliness. Antalya really has something to offer: there are several gay bars and discos frequented by gay Turks. They even have a special Gay Night every Monday night with various activities. The location can be seen from the main boulevard and it offers a nice view for “slightly surprised” gentlemen. The Alexander Bar in Antalya is worth a visit when it comes to ambiance and young clientele. The boys are friendly and curious to know just where you’re from. There are other gay bars of course, but they are not that easy to find, since they are generally tucked away in small alleys. Antalya has the feel of a larger city and there are large areas with gorgeous hotels and resorts." (11 September 2006)

General Information About Antalya

The Antalya Region, offering all the mysticism of past in our day, is now called the "Turkish Riviera" due to its archaeological and natural beauties. Antalya is the place where sea, sun, history and nature constitute a perfect harmony and which also includes the most beautiful and clearest coast along the Mediterranean. The city still preserves its importance as a center throughout history in the south coast of the country, in addition to its wonderful natural beauties. The mythological city which housed the Gods and Goddesses now exhibits all its secrets and marvels to mankind.

Antalya is located in the west of the Mediterranean region. In ancient times it covered all Pamphylia which means "the land of all tribes". The land really deserves the name since it has witnessed many successive civilizations throughout history. In 1st century BC the Pergamum king Attalus ordered his men to find the most beautiful piece of land on earth; he wanted them to find "heaven on earth". After a long search all over the world, they discovered this land and said "This must be 'Heaven' " and King Attalus founded the city giving it the name "Attaleia". From then on many nations kept their eyes on the city. When the Romans took over the Pergamene Kingdom, Attaleia became an outstanding Roman city which the great Roman Emperor Hadrian visited in 130 AD; an arch was built in his honor which is now worth seeing. Then came the Byzantines, after which the Seljuk Turks took over the city in 1207 and gave it a different name, Adalya, and built the Yivli Minaret. The Ottomans followed the Seljuks and finally within the Turkish Republic it became a Turkish city and an important port. Antalya has been growing rapidly since 1960 and its population is 1,146,109 according to the 1990 census.

The climate of the province is typical Mediterranean: hot and dry in summers and temperate and rainy in winters. Sunshine is guaranteed from April to October and the winters are pleasantly mild. The humidity is a little bit high, about 64%, and the average water temperature is 21.5 °C. Antalya is really a heavenly place where the summer season is about 8-9 months long.

You may reach Antalya from almost every city of the country, and even from little towns, coach companies going to Antalya are available. Antalya has an international airport which may connect you to major cities. It has modern facilities including waiting rooms, restaurants, cafe-bar, and a shopping center. When traveling by sea, one can use the Antalya Venice Ferryboat line.

Tourist Attractions
Antalya and its surrounding is an important and noteworthy touristy center on the Mediterranean Coast with its perfect climate and splendid harmony of archaeological, historical and natural beauties, throughout the year. Daily tours to surrounding touristy areas like Side, Alanya and Termessos are available, in addition to longer tours to Pamukkale or Cappadocia or anywhere you would like to go. Professional tourist guides are also available.

City Walls: The memorial Hadrian Arch and The Clock Tower are remarkable and date back to Hellenistic era.

Kaleici: This is the nucleus of a city which embraced many civilizations during time. It is now restored and has became a most attractive touristy center with its hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities. Kaleici retains all the original ancient Turkish archaeological characteristics. The port's marina has been completely restored and is well worth visiting. The restoration activities in Kaleici won the Golden Apple Prize, the Oscar of tourism.

Antalya Museum: A prize winning museum and one of the most notable archaeology museums, of the world. It is also the only museum in Turkey with a children's department exhibiting ancient monuments appealing to children.

Hadrian's Gate: This ornamental marble arch was constructed in 2nd century BC by the Romans in honour of the Emperor Hadrian. It is the most amazing area in the whole ancient Pamphylia region.

Kesik Minaret (Broken Minaret): Once a Byzantine Panaglia church, later converted into a mosque.

Yivli Minaret: This fluted minaret of 13th century was built by the Seljuks. Decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles, the minaret eventually became the symbol of the city.

Karatay Medresesi, Hidirilk Tower, Ahi Yusuf Mescidi, Iskele Mosque, Murat Pasa Mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque, Balibey Mosque, Musellim Mosque, Seyh Sinan Efendi Mosque and Osman Efendi Mosque are other places to be visited.
"Han"s are Seljuk or Ottoman inns which have architectural significance. Some worth visiting are the Evdir Han, Klrkoz Han, Alara Han and Castle and Sarapsu (Serapsu) Han.

Ancient Cities
Termessos: It is a Pisidyan city with remnants of an agora, theatre and an odeon. It has a reputation of being the most magnificent necropolis on the Mediterranean, 35 kms northwest of Antalya.

Perge: 18 kms northeast of Antalya. The ruins are spread on two hills, the theatre on one and the acropolis on the other. According to the legend the city was built by three heroes from Troy.

Sillyon: 34 kms from Antalya on the Alanya direction. It is situated between Aspendos and Perge and dates back to 4th.century BC.

Aspendos: One of the most important Pamphilian cities. It is situated on the point where the Kopru River meets the sea. Once an important port and a commercial centre, it has a reputation for raising the best horses on earth. The odeon, basilica, galleria and fountains are worth seeing.