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Gay Friendly Bars and Clubs in Northern Cyprus

Select Your Language Attention: Most of the venues listed on this section are old and they may have changed their style and attitude against LGBTQ people in the course of time. Please click on the address links for more up-to-date reviews on Google Maps and click here to share your experiences.

Gay Bars: Lorenza Cafe, Lefkoşa
Address: Lefke Hani, No:5, Surici, Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus.
A gay-friendly cafe & restaurant recommended in 2008. It is located in the area of Asma-Alti just behind historical Buyuk Han building.

Gay Bars: Hoi Polloi Cafe, Lefkoşa
Address: Arasta Sokak, Lefkosa,(Nicosia), Northern Cyprus
A small LGBT friendly cafe very close to Lorenza Cafe, both facing the same backyard behind Buyuk Han, (Listed in 2016)

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Nightlife and Other Popular Bars and Clubs in Northern Cyprus
Bars and Clubs in North Cyprus are full of action, beat and spirit. Many of the bars have live music on regular basis, with various bands playing music from pop to rock, blues and Jazz. Any old times you can find satisfying music in and around the island for all emotions. Girne (Kyrenia) is probably the most famous town in North Cyprus because of its picturesque harbour area and the imposing castle overlooking it, which also has the most colorful nightlife in the Turkish part of the Island. There are many lively bars in Girne lining the beautiful harbour. If you like going out at night, you may go to one of the discothèques. Discos in Cyprus are usually combined with bars, or have special VIP sections away from the dance floor, where you can reserve a table for your friends to enjoy the music and dance away in VIP style. Although usually the music in discos is played by great DJ’s, some clubs may invite local live-bands to play on special occasions. The gambling casinos of the big hotels are open until morning, and many rich Turks from the mainland Turkey, where gambling is forbidden also visit North Cyprus for the sake of these Casinos.

Here are just a few of the popular regular (non-gay) bars and clubs with their link at Google Maps.

Gay Bars: Ego Bar - Girne
Gay Bars: Sitare Bar - Girne
Gay Bars: Rock Onyx Bar & Club - Girne
Gay Bars: Losers Club - Girne
Gay Bars: Ice Club - Girne
Gay Bars: Zephyr Bar - Lefkosa
Gay Bars: Barasta Cafe and Bar - Lefkosa
Gay Bars: Monks Inn - Magusa
Gay Bars: Q Bar -  Magusa

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Gay Bars in Southern Cyprus (Greek Administration Part)
These are the gay and gay-friendly bars and clubs in the southern part of Cyprus Island. For more information please click on the venue names to find them on Google Maps.

Gay Bars: Secrets Freedom Club - Athenon 9, Larnaca, Cyprus (Greek Administration)
Gay Bars: Lube Bar - Stavrou Poskoti 19, Larnaca, Cyprus (Greek Administration)
Gay Bars: Ithaki Venue - Nikiforou Foka 33, Nicosia, Cyprus (Greek Administration)
Gay Bars: Different Bar - Bar St, Paphos, Cyprus (Greek Administration)

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Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses in Northern Cyprus:

Please remember that bath houses and saunas are usually not explicitly confirmed as gay or gay-friendly venues by their owners/managers. Therefore, we are listing here only the ones which are being visited by the local gay men frequently.

Sauna: Korkut Hamamı (Closed)
Address: Beliğ Paşa Sokak Lefkoşa, KKTC.
Closed: Select Your Language Attention: This Turkish bath has been closed in early 2023 and not clear if / when it will re-open. It changed owners according to a comment on Google. Check on Google Maps for updates
Also known as Hamasi Korkut Hamam, it has a spacey hall at the entrance but the bath section is fairly small, even lacking a proper navel stone. The main reason you can prefer over the historical Buyuk Hamam is that this one is more gay-friendly and action is more likely. It is also cheaper naturally, costing around 5-7 US Dollars to enter. It is 5-10 minutes walking distance from the Buyuk Hamam.

Sauna: Buyuk Hamam
Address: Irfan Bey Sokak, Surlarici (old city) Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus.
Closed: Select Your Language Attention: This Turkish bath has been closed in 2022 and not clear if / when it will re-open. Check on Google Maps for updates
This is rather tourist hamam than being a gay / cruising venue, though a possibility always there to meet other gay people in any hamam.  Buyuk Hamam (Grand Bath)  is also known as Turk Hamami in the city. This bath was built over the ruins of a Latin Church (St George) in the 14th century. Today, the church’s marvelous front door actually lies several feet below street level, so you can really appreciate the ornate carvings of the original doorway.

Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses within the Greek Cyprus Administration

Sauna: Vinci Sauna,  Larnaca (Greek Cyprus Administration)
Closed: Select Your Language Attention: The Vinci Sauna in Larnaca was the only explicitly gay sauna in the whole of Cyprus Island, but after it was closed during the Covid 19 period it was not reopened again, mainly because of the increasing popularity of gay dating applications.

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Gay Cruising Areas & Beaches in Northern Cyprus

Cruising spots are not as crowded as they used to be before the Internet era, especially after mobile apps became popular. Although there may still be some gay men in these places, usually after dark; it is advisable to be a little cautious especially in parks and secluded beaches. It is recommended that you do not carry very valuable items or large amounts of money with you, just in case. Here are some possible cruising areas and beaches in Northern Cyprus:

Select Your Language Girne Feneri - The lighthouse of Girne and the breakwater.

Select Your Language Girne Limani - The neighborhood of Girne harbour and the water front. There may also be some rent-boys around.

Select Your Language Lefkosa Kugulu Park - The neighborhood of the old city walls, and the street between Lefkosa Turkish High Scholl (LTL) and the library are most visable cruising areas especially recommended from 21:00 until 02:00 am.

Select Your Language Kale Arkasi Beach (Girne)  - The area behind the Girne Kalesi (castle) is a popular swimming and cruising place for gay men. Girne can be considered the most gay friendly city in Northern Cyprus.

Select Your Language Salamis Beach (Magusa)  - It is the popular beach for gay men in Northern Cyprus, some 10 km away from Gazi Magosa (Famagusta) - The part of the beach 1 km after Park Hotel is said to be where gay men usually hang out and wait under the bushes for cruising. Gazi Magusa is the second most popular vacation district in Northern Cyprus after Girne. The ruins of Salamis antic city is one of the most famous historical attraction on the island.

 Select Your Language Alagadi Turtle Beach - Visitor Recommendations
"I visited N.Cyprus recently and went to Salamis Beach and Alagadi Turtle Beach. As the article mentions these are not gay beaches but some times there could be some action. Alagadi is a really beautiful beach but I also had a bad experience. Aladagi is really nice but do act in caution" (John S. from UK / September 17 2012)

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Gay Beaches & Cruising Spots within Greek Cyprus Administration.
These are the most popular gay and gay-friendly beaches in the southern section of Cyprus Island. Please click on the beach names to find them on Google Maps.

Select Your Language Municipality Gardens - Nicosia
Select Your Language Dasoudi Park - Limassol

Select Your Language Ayia Napa Gay Beach - Ayia Napa, Cyprus (Greek Administration)
Select Your Language Pissouri Beach - Pissouri, Cyprus (Greek Administration)
Select Your Language Avdimou Beach - Pissouri, Cyprus (Greek Administration)
Select Your Language Governer's Beach - Pendagomo. Limassol, Cyprus (Greek Administration)
Select Your Language Yeronissos Isle - Occacsional nude bathing. Phapos, Cyprus (Greek Administration)


Other Beaches in Northern Cyprus:
North Cyprus has a varied coastline and offers many amenities for swimmers including luxurious beaches of big hotels and many public beaches. The Northern and eastern shores of North Cyprus are lapped by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. All along the coastline there are bays and beaches where swimming and sunbathing is possible almost the whole year round.

Select Your Language Girne (Kyrenia) Beaches
Kyrenia is home to some fabulous intact beaches including Acapulco Beach, Escape Beach, and Alagadi Beach. Acapulco beach is a very popular tourist beach and provides most facilities including sun loungers and a bar. Windsurfing is also very popular at Acapulco Beach. Escape beach is located just 5km from Girne / Kyrenia city and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Cyprus with fine golden sand and clear waters, where there are a number of different water sports including deep sea diving, jet-ski, banana boats, canoeing, and pedal boating. Escape Beach Club is privately owned and sponsored and has turned the entire beach area into a desirable destination for holiday makers with a large and sophisticated restaurant, open air dance club, sun beds, massage centre and scuba school. Most of the boat trips from the harbour in Kyrenia sail out to Escape Beach and drop anchor there.

Alagadi Beach, also known as turtle beach is located approximately 10 miles east of Kyrenia. This sandy beach is full of large sweeping dunes and the clear water is also shallow. Alagadi beach has the longest stretch of beach on the coast, and for once it’s also a public beach that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. Behind the beach, the Five Finger Mountains rise up to provide a wonderful view even when you are not looking at the sea! Alagadi beach is one of the major beaches in Northern Cyprus where the loggerhead and green turtles come to nest, and so is sometimes called "Turtle Beach". Access to the beach from the main road is via dirt tracks, and most access points involve a walk through the impressive sand dunes behind to the sea itself. The first track giving access to Alagadi beach from the main road is a pretty 1.5km drive through olive trees and down to within 300m of the sea.

Select Your Language Gazi Magosa (Famagusta) Beaches
Famagusta has long been famous for its miles of sandy beaches. Some beaches are owned by hotels and have an entrance fee. Bafra Public Beach is 9.7 km from Bogaz in the village of Çayirova. Bediz Public Beach is situated on the east coast of Cyprus, north of Famagusta and well signposted from whichever direction you approach. Glapsides Beach is only 200m away from the Bediz Beach. Silver Beach is situated at the far south of the Salamis ruins, which is a great spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Select Your Language Karpaz Beaches
The Karpaz Peninsula or “panhandle” as the British called the north-east part of Cyprus is a land where time stands still. There are miles of sandy beaches in Karpaz with not a single person in sight. Ancient towns, basilicas, ruins and tombs scatter the area waiting to be explored. Malibu Beach Club provides crystal clear water for good swimming. There is a snack bar and sun shades there. There is a stretch of coast known as the Golden Sands which has 5 miles of un-spoilt beach and a magnificent scenery. The turtles use this beach in the summer for nesting.

Gay Groups and Organizations in Northern Cyprus:

Select Your Language Queer Cyprus Association
Initially called Initiative Against Homophobia founded in 2007; re-named as Kuir Kibris Derneği - Queer Cyprus Association in 2012 aims to stop homophobia and transphobia within the society, prevent the discrimination through sexual orientation and sexual identities. Accordingly, Initiative Against Homophobia is a civil society organization which intend to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of LGBT people and to increase the acknowledgement of people toward LGBT people.
Click here to read more about LGBT Rights in Northern Cyprus (Wikipedia)

Gay Friendly Hotels in Northern Cyprus

Turkey Gay Hotels
Unfortunately there are not many officially gay or lesbian hotels in Northern Cyprus, but most of the tourist hotels are very welcoming and they can also be recommended to gay people for various reasons such as their location, quality, price and liberal atmosphere. You can make Instant reservation via online & secure system of Booking Com and help us maintain our websites without any extra cost to you.

Gay Hotels Free cancellation and discounted options are available.
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Gay Bar Click Here for all hotels in Kyrenia / Girne, Northern Cyprus
Gay Bar Click Here for all hotels in Famagusta / Gazi Magosa , Northern Cyprus
Gay Bar Click Here for all hotels in Nicosia / Lefkosa  in, Northern & Southern Cyprus

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Gay Friendly Hotels within Greek Administration

Here is a list of the most gay friendly hotels with a direct link to their Booking Com pages, thus you can book them instantly or later.

Gay Bar Althea Kalamies Villas Ellinon 34, Protaras 5295, Kıbrıs
Gay Bar Royal Apollonia - CY 4048, Georgiou 'A 68, Limassol
Gay Bar Amargos Boutique Hotel - Megaro Mitsi St 11, D, Larnaca
Gay Bar Alkisti City Hotel - Ayiou Lazarus Street 1, Larnaca
Gay Bar The Ivi Mare (Adult) - Poseidonos Ave 12, Paphos 8204
Gay Bar Casa Mespilea - Pygmalionos 3, Paphos 8046

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General Information About Northern Cyprus

Cyprus Island is located in the east of Mediterranean Sea, off the south coast of Turkey and west coast of Syria. Cyprus Island was within the territories of Turkish (Ottoman) Empire since 1570, until the British Empire first took the administrative control of the Island in 1878 and then annexed it completely during WWI. It stayed as a British colony until it declared independent in 1960, when the administration was justly divided between the Turkish and the Greek Cypriots. There has been clashes between two societies afterwards, which became unbearable for the Turkish part when the nationalist Greek Cypriots and the military dicta regime in Greece took serious steps to unite the Island with their motherland Greece. As a result Turkey made military intervention to Cyprus in 1974, based on its rights originating from treaties as a guarantor state and took the control of one-third of the island. Until then there has been a de facto independent Turkish state in Northern Cyprus. The Turkish - controlled North took the name of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus after declaring independence in 1983, though only recognized by Turkey officially. A final attempt of uniting the Island was unsuccessful because the Greek Cypriots refused the United Nation referendum known as "Annan Plan" in the year 2004.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is divided into five districts which are Lefkosa (Nicosia), Magusa (Famagusta), Girne (Kyrenia), Guzelyurt (Morphou) and Iskele (Trikomo).

Girne is the major tourism district of North Cyprus. Once upon a time, Girne harbour was lined with warehouses in which the fruits of the countryside were stored waiting to be exported. The harbour is currently used largely for pleasure craft, and the buildings are now mostly all restaurants, with outdoor tables along the water. The castle at the east end of the old harbour is a very spectacular site and within its walls there is a twelfth century chapel showing reused late Roman capitals. Bellapais Abbey monastery in the village of Bellapais is also very significant historical monument near Girne. A larger harbour is located a few miles east of the town centre, used by commercial shipping and ferries from the Turkish mainland.

Famagusta contains spectacular ruins, including a magnificent amphitheatre, Roman baths, a gymnasium and royal tombs. The mosaics are particularly beautiful. Just inland from Famagusta are the church and monastery dedicated to St. Barnabas, the founder of the apostolic Cypriot Orthodox Church in 45 AD. Barnabas, a Cypriot from Salamis who visited the island, accompanied by St. Paul and St. Mark and was later martyred in Salamis in 52 AD. The church of St. Barnabas is preserved exactly as it was since abandoned in 1976. Famagusta harbour is dominated by a great citadel sometimes known as Othello's Tower in reference to the (fictional) play by Shakespeare. It contains a splendid 14th century Gothic Hall. The Venetian Palace was used, after its destruction in 1571, as a prison during the Ottoman Empire, and among the prisoners was Namik Kemal, the National poet of the Ottoman Empire, who was held there between 1873 and 1876, after having been exiled to Cyprus by the Sultan. Please visit the Website of Gazimagusa (Famagusta) Municipality

The capital Lefkosa situated almost in the centre of the island was divided by the "green line" between the island's two communities in the south and north respectively. It is the seat of government as well as the main business centre. Click here for Official Website of Municipality of Lefkosa (North Nicosia)

Güzelyurt is a market town in the north-west of the island. It contains one of the many churches in the country dedicated to St. Mamas, popularly believed to have lived as a hermit in a cave near Guzelyurt. Guzelyurt (Morphou) is home to one of the islands crossing points, which was opened in 2003 by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Administrative district of Iskele is encompassing the northeastern portions of the Gazimagusa district including the whole of the Karpasia Peninsula (Karpaz Yarimadasi).

Arrival to Northern Cyprus.
Direct flights to Northern Cyprus are forbidden by the government of the Greek Cypriots in the south. The airports of Gecitkale and Ercan are only recognized as legal ports of entry by Azerbaijan and Turkey, so all flights to Northern Cyprus must currently be routed via those countries. The Republic of Cyprus also allows passage across the Green Line from the part of Nicosia that it controls (as well as a few other selected crossing points), since the TRNC does not require a visa or leave entry stamps for such visits. Cyprus Turkish Airlines (CTA) operate direct* flights to Ercan, the airport in North Cyprus, from the UK but flights stop at Turkey for an hour en-route. Turkish Airlines operate daily services to North Cyprus from Stansted, Manchester, Heathrow and twice a week from Dublin. A change of aircraft is necessary at Istanbul. An alternative to flying to North Cyprus is to fly to Larnaca in South Cyprus and ask a friend or take a taxi to North Cyprus. The extra driving time on the ground (45 mins) is saved by using a non-stop flight.

Both car and passenger ferries run daily between Turkey's Mediterranean coast and the port of Girne (Kyrenia) in northern (Turkish) Cyprus. Most service is to and from Tasucu, the small port near Silifke (a district of Mersin Province of Turkey) east of Alanya and west of Adana on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Fast catamaran passenger ferries ("sea bus") depart Girne for Tasucu every morning at 09:30 am, and depart Tasucu for Girne at 11:00 am. The voyage takes about two hours and costs about 40 Euro one-way, or 50-60 Euro for a round-trip.. Slower car ferries depart Girne at 12:00 noon daily except Sunday, and depart Tasucu at 24:00 midnight daily except Friday. The voyage takes four or five hours. Passengers pay somewhat less than on the fast catamaran passenger ferry. Cars cost around 60 Euro. In summer, there may also be fast catamaran passenger service between Girne (Kyrenia) and Alanya (3.5 hours).

Internal Transportation.
Busses, mini-busses, and service taxis ply the routes between all the towns and many of the larger villages. Regular taxis are also available. Bus fares are cheap, and taxis are very reasonable. Whilst public transport will enable the visitor to enjoy `rubbing shoulders` wit the locals, those with limited time are advised to hire a car. Rent-a-car prices are affordable in North Cyprus.

A good inexpensive network of buses and mini-buses operates between all the main towns, in addition there are Dolmush (shared taxis) operating on the same routes. Taxis are widely available but do not carry a meter. However, there are standard journey charges.


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