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Gay Bars and Clubs in Ankara

Ankara has a considerable gay life whereas the gay nightlife is indeed not as colorful as it should be. Several gay bars and clubs have been opened and closed in Ankara since late 90's. Here are the few exclusively LGBT venues in Ankara at the moment:

Savoy Bistro (12:00-24:00)
Address: Mesrutiyet Mah. Konur Sokak No: 8,  Kat:4 (4th floor), Kizilay, Ankara
Web: Savoybistro.html (Click for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more)
Bistro Savoy is homely cafe & bar welcoming LGBT+ people from all kinds and ages. It is located on a busy shopping and night-life street called Konur Sokak in Kızılay district, Ankara; easy to spot with its rainbow colored windows. They offer facilities such as food, dance, music, bar, party organization. After entering the building take the elevator at the end of the corridor to go to the 4th floor. Click here for more information about the venue including guest reviews, party announcements and more.

Sixtiees Club (22:00-05:00)
Address:  Tunali Hilmi Cad. No: 96 / 1  Seymenler Pasaji,  Kavaklidere - Ankara
Web: Sixtieexclub.html (Click for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more)

The longest lasting gay night club in Ankara catering exclusively to gay and lesbian clientele, Sixtiees Club is offering activities such as bar, dancing, karaoke and miscellaneous shows. The club was initially called Tribal when it was first opened back in February 2008. It moved to a new address in September 2010. It usually gets busy after midnight, especially on Saturday nights.

Gay Friendly Blue Movie Cinemas in Ankara

Even though there is not an explicitly gay movie theater in Ankara, some erotic / porno movie cinemas are frequented mostly by local gay men. Because these venues are open to the general public, they can also be visited by straight men sometimes. Their managers are also not necessarily very gay friendly.  For these reasons a bit of discretion and confidentiality is recommended.

Eti Sinemasi
Address: Şehit Gönenç Cad. Eti Apt. No: 45. Maltepe, Ankara
The cinema is located underneath the Maltepe bridge (Strazburg Str), very close to Demirtepe Metro Station, roughly 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from Kizilay. The entrance is inside a small passage of the building-block facing Maltepe Mosque with a visible sign-board. Open between 10:00 - 20:00. Majority of attendants are middle aged and mature men. This blue movie theater has the most friendly atmosphere among the ones listed on this page.
Click here to share your feedback and read other reviews about this venue.

Kerem Sinemasi  (10:00 - 22:00)
Address: Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasa Bulvari, No: 40,  Cankaya - Ankara, Turkey - Google Map
It is located near Demirtepe metro station on the main street somewhere across from Maltepe mosque with respect to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasa Boulevard, on the right hand side when you walk from Kizilay. You can take the subway from Kizilay or walk in 10 minutes from there. It is only a few minutes walking distance away from Eti Sinemasi .
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Efes Sinemasi
Address: Izmir Caddesi, No: 16, Demirtepe, Kizilay, Ankara.
It is a very small theater with a small screen showing some pornographic movies, located on a street somewhere behind Guven Park. There is not a visible sign-board on the street. Instead look for "Efes Pasajı" at the entrance of the building's passageway in which it is located and walk in until you see the ticket office. 
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Recently Closed
Following venues has been closed in recent years, mainly as a result of decreasing demand in such venue after internet and mobile applications became popular.
- Atlas Sinemasi  in Diskapi, Ulus, Ankara.
- Uzay Sinemasi on Yeserti Sokak, Cebeci, Ankara.
- Baskent Sinemasi in Maltepe, Kizilay.

Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses in Ankara

Please note that most owners of action places such as cinemas, baths and saunas do not like to be mentioned on gay websites or guide books even if they want them to come to their venues for business reasons. Below venues are not exclusively gay or gay-friendly venues and most of them were recommended by website visitors as indicated below. The accuracy of information provided by website visitors is not guaranteed.

Yeni Ay Hamam - This is not a gay venue
Address : Plevne Cad. No 60, Demirlibahce Mh. Ankara
On the way to Siteler or Gulveren districts if you depart from Ulus, somewhere after passing by Ankara Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi which is a public hospital.
Click Here for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more

Efes Hamami - This is not a gay venue.
Address : Denizciler Caddesi, Ulus, Ankara.
This is the summary of the message we received form a Turkish website visitor:
This is not a gay venue but the staff is friendly in general. It is usually quiet, though it can be busy in the evenings and on weekend days. It is located under Efes Hotel, across from Yegenbey Vergi Dairesi (tax office)
Click Here for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more

Baskent Hamami  - This is not a gay venue
Address:  Uzunyol Sok 49/C, Altindag, Ankara.
Recommended by one of our website's Turkish visitors because of its friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Accordingly, there is no visible gay scene and it is advised to be a little cautious with the hamam staff. Patrons are mostly bearish types and elder guys  (14 January 2018).
Click Here for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more

Eynebey Hamami - This is not a gay venue.
Address: Adnan Saygun Caddesi, No 11 Ulus, Ankara.
This hamam had been recommended as gay-friendly venue at first, but we receive many negative feedbacks in recent years. Indeed, the owners have sent us a message in November 2017 saying that they don't like to be listed as a gay-friendly venue on our website. It is still worth visiting as a comparatively nice historical hammam experience
Click Here for guest reviews, location map, videos, pictures and more.

Other Turkish baths in Ankara
Click here for other historical Turkish baths in Ankara:

Gay Cruising Areas in Ankara

In general, the cruising areas - especially parks are where gay men should be more selective with the people they meet. It is always possible to come across to some bad guys who want to trap the gay men in such places. Especially, be careful at night time and do not carry very valuable things and a lot of money on you, just in case.

Güven Park is located in Kizilay district of Ankara. There may be hustlers or thieves at night time. There used to be a gay-friendly blue-movie cinema facing the park (Cep Cinemasi) which closed down several years ago.

Genclik Park is the big park near Ulus district of Ankara. The part closer to the entrance gate from Ulus is more cruisy. The park was under complete restoration for several years which was completed by mid 2010. Beware of pick pockets, and stay away from young guys walking about in groups. Ulus district is regarded as downtown of Ankara.

Karum Shopping Center is located in Kavaklidere district, near Sheraton Hotel. Naturally there will not be a visible gay action in a shopping mall, but such places are popular among young gay men.- Google Map

Ataturk Bulvari is the main boulevard of Kizilay district. You can come across gay man promenading along the way anytime, if you are lucky.

Seymenler Park is in upper part of Cankaya district between Iran and Ataturk street. There are many embassies around the park, including US and Japanese. This park is also used for various cultural activities and concerts. You can occasionally see gay men cruising especially after dark, most likely around the pool.

Yüksel Caddesi is the street located in Kizilay district across from Guven which is usually busy with young people and students. There are lovely cafe-shops and restaurants along the street which are usually crowded in day time. This is not a place to go for cruising deliberately, but it is more like to bump into gays if you watch out. Transgender people can also be seen cruising along the street late after midnight. Click for map

Opera Koprusu (the bridge named after Opera House) and its neighborhood was recommended by some local visitors as a cruising place. It is located in Sihhiye quarter, next to city courthouse building (Adliye Sarayi). There are tea houses, small parks and and walking areas in the vicinity.

Nasreddin Hoca Park This park in Ankara Yenimahalle district was recommend in  June 2018 by a website visitor as a gay cruising point in the evenings.

LGBT Solidarity Organizations in Ankara

Kaos GL
Address: Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari, No: 29 / 12   Kizilay, Ankara, Turkey
By means of a 2005 local court ruling in the capital city Ankara, Kaos GL became the first legally accredited LGBT solidarity association of Turkey . Kaos GL was already very active since it was informally founded in September, 1994, long before official recognition. It aims to unite Turkey's homosexuals in the struggle against discrimination. Kaos GL has been publishing the journal Kaos GL (now a quarterly) since it was founded, and it briefly published a monthly newspaper, Parmak (Finger), in 2001. The group owns the Kaos Cultural Center, in which many cultural activities, meetings and film shows are held and where the first LGBT library of Turkey was also built.

Pembe Hayat
Web: &
Pembe Hayat (Pink Life) is a long-lasting LGBT solidarity association based in Ankara. Pembe Hayat is focusing on transgender issues and the problems of transgender people including sex workers compared to other LGBT associations of Turkey. They also publish an online LGBT news magazine under the same name..

Gay & Lesbian Internet Sources for Ankara

LGBT Turkey
You can follow LGBT news and activities all over Turkey, including Ankara in this Facebook community page which is being published in English..

Google Group for Turkish Gays
A Google Group to meet Turkish gay men from all over Turkey. You can leave a message to meet Turkish gays and gay tourists living in or visiting Ankara in this group.

Gay Friendly and Other Recommended Hotels in Ankara

Turkey Gay Hotels

Unfortunately there are no explicitly gay-friendly hotels in Ankara. Therefore, we will recommend some ordinary hotels based on their location, guests satisfaction and prices. You can make Instant reservation via online & secure system of Booking Com. Best prices and free cancellation options are available. .
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