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The gay life of Turkey has been developing very rapidly in the last 10 years, probably with the help of internet as well. Internet has helped gay groups around the country combine and expand their activism efforts and has created a very liberal media for Turkish gays and lesbians. As a result hundreds of websites have been published for the community and many more is coming up. The most popular gay and lesbian websites have been gay dating or chat websites in Turkey like in most other countries, but most of these websites expanded their contents in time to include gay news, info sharing, coverage of political issues etc. Even some country wide popular Turkish non-gay websites have assigned sub-pages and special gay chat channels for the local gay community. For example the most visited website all over Turkey Mynet.com has special chat channels for gay people for more than a decade. Majority of the gay websites in Turkey are published in Turkish. During the same period, Turkish gay men have also started interacting with other gay people from all around the world, and there have been considerable developments in gay travel as well. The gay bars and clubs have also started publishing their own business websites which would have English pages for gay visitors from other countries. We are listing here the most prominent samples of websites or web-pages published in English, but remember these are just a drop of water in the sea when compared to hundreds of gay websites published in Turkish.

Turkey Gay Resources

Istanbul Gay Guide - Istanbul's city gay guide, chat, forum, guestbook, personals real gay and lesbian friendly hotels of Istanbul, private gay tours, other travel and city information and useful tips for gay men stranger to Istanbul.

Turkish Bath Guide - Best Turkish Bath guide on the internet. Gay friendly saunas, bath houses, historical hamams in Istanbul including location maps and visitors reviews.

Turkey Gay Travel - Gay and lesbian friendly Turkish travel agency organizing daily tours in Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Kusadasi and everyday departing gay friendly package tours all over Turkey.

Turkey Tour - Turkish Travel Agency in Istanbul. Expert in private and group tours, blue cruises, tailor made vacations, hotel reservations, domestic flights etc.

Istanbul Gay Hotels - Istanbul Gay and Lesbian friendly hotels. Gay friendly hotel reservation by gay-owned travel agency based in Istanbul

Turkey Gay Guide - Gay travel guide of major cities of Turkey including Istanbul, Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya etc

LGBT Turkey - Facebook Page for Turkish Gay News and Events - Popular Facebook community page to share information about LGBT events and activities in Istanbul and all over Turkey. A serious page where pornography, obscene language etc are not allowed.

Yahoo Turkish Gays - Yahoo Group for Turkish gays where you can exchange information, and meet Turkish gay men or other gay visitor coming to Turkey.

Yahoo Turkish Lesbians - Yahoo Group aiming to bring Turkish lesbians with the English speaking lesbians overseas

Turkey Gay Forum - Gay forum and discussion pages in English, aiming to help gay men sharing information about gay life in various major cities of Turkey.

Turkish Gay LGBT Social Media Pages

Twitter.com / PrideTurkey

Facebook.com / LGBT Turkey/

Reddit.com / PrideIstanbul/

TurkishGayNews Quora.com/

Facebook.com / TurkeyGayTravel/

Plus.google.com/ +TurkeyGayTravel

Yahoo.com/Groups/ Turkish Gays