Practical Gay Guide of Istanbul

A printable, brief guide of Istanbul featuring gay bars, clubs, hotels, hammams, saunas, gay cruising areas as well as lesbian and transgender venues.

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Abbreviations for clientele types in venues

 * G / g : Gay men
 * L / l : Lesbians
 * T / t : Transgenders
 * B / b : Bears / bi / mature men
 * S / s : Straight people
 * R / r : Rentboys
 * H / h : Hustlers, unsafe people
 * Gf : Gay friendly

Useful Tips
 * If it is a capitalized letter it means they are the majority of the clients there, or else few of them would be around.
 * Click on name of the venues to find them on Google Maps

Gay Cafes & Bars

These venues are busy in the evening and around midnight roughly between 21:00 pm - 02:00 am. The price range is around $4-6 for local drinks. No entrance or cloakroom fees required to be paid normally. Most of them would be open everyday.

Gay Bars Mor Kedi Cafe (G-b) - Ipek Sokak 16 / 3, Beyoglu (3rd floor)
Gay Bars Rocinante Bar (G-l) Ogut Sokak, No:6 / 2, Beyoglu (2nd floor)
Gay Bars Chianti Bar (G) - Kameriye Sokak, No:10/A, Nevizade, Beyoglu
Gay Bars Babel Pub (G-B)  - Sht. P. Mahmut Nedim Sokagi, No:3, Aksaray

Gay Night Clubs

These venues are busy after midnight roughly between 24:00 pm - 04:00 am. The price range is around $7-10 for local drinks. Entrance and cloakroom fees would be compulsory especially during weekends. They might be closed during some weekdays.

Gay Bars Club Cheeky (G-b-r) - Tarlabasi Bulvari No: 32 Taksim, Istanbul
Gay Bars Stay Club (B) - Sıraselviler Cad. No 35 / 2, Taksim, Beyoglu
Gay Bars Tekyon Club (G-b-r) - Siraselviler Cad, No: 63/1 Taksim, Beyoglu
Gay Bars Love Club (G-l-s) - Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 349 Harbiye, Istanbul
Gay Bars Super Fabric (G-t-r-s) - Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 42 Elmadag, Istanbul
Gay Bars Pinokyo Club (G-r) - Buyukparmakkapi Sk, No:17, Beyoglu (terrace floor)
Gay Bars X Large Club (G-S-l) - Ataturk Oto Sanayi. 52.Sok. No:12/1, Maslak


Gay Friendly Venues

Despite the numerous venues in Istanbul where LGBT individuals can feel at ease, the following establishments are particularly recognized for being gay-friendly.

Gay Friendly: Street Pub (S-Gf) -  Mis Sk. No:19, Taksim, Beyoğlu.
Gay Friendly: Babel Cafe & Restaurant - Turnacıbaşı Cd. No:56, Beyoğlu
Gay Friendly: Mecra Bar (S-Gf) - Dumlupinar Sk No:5, Kadıköy
Gay Friendly: Salpa Vegan Bar (S-Gf) - Piri Çavuş Sk. No:3, Kadıköy
Gay Friendly: Bocek Cafe (S-Gf) -  Moda Cad, Bademaltı Sk. 17/A,Kadıköy

Gay Friendly Hotels

List of real gay friendly hotels in Istanbul confirmed by their owners with direct links to their Booking Com pages, thus you can book them instantly or later. Listed roughly from cheaper to more expensive.

Gay Friendly Hotel Naz Wooden (Gf) - Akbıyık Değirmeni Sk. No:7, Sultanahmet
Gay Friendly Hotel Hotel Sultanahmet (Gf) - Divan Yolu Cd. No:20, Sultanahmet
Gay Friendly Hotel Babel Park (Gf) - Sht. Pilot Mahmut Nedim Sk. No:3, Aksaray, Fatih
Gay Friendly Hotel Kunterbunt Aparts (Gf) - Pelesenk Sk. No:10, Taksim, Istanbul
Gay Friendly Hotel Hotel Novano (Gf) - Akbıyık Cd. No:76, Sultanahmet
Gay Friendly Hotel The Fox Taksim (Gf) - Babil Sokak N: 69, Elmadag, Taksim
Gay Friendly Hotel Walton Lina Pera (Gf) - Hamalbasi Cd. No:28, Galatasaray, Beyoglu
Gay Friendly Hotel Tomtom Suites (Gf) - Bogazkesen Cad No:18, Beyoglu

 * Click here for more detailed info about these gay-friendly hotels

Saunas & Bath Houses

Even though mainly frequented by gay men none of these bath houses are not officially gay venues and their staff may not always be very gay friendly. Clients would be mostly middle aged and mature men. Hammams mostly close around 10 pm. Entrance fee would cost around $8-12 excluding massage and other extra services.

Sauna Hammam Aquarius Sauna (G-R-b-h) - Sadri Alisik Sokak, 29/1 Beyoglu (open 7 & 24) 
Sauna Hammam Firuzaga Hamam  (G-B)  - Cukurcuma Cd. No: 6, Beyoglu
Sauna Hammam Cihangir Sauna (G-B-r) - Altipatlar Sokak, No: 14 Beyoglu / Istanbul
Sauna Hammam Yesildirek Hamam (G-B-s) - Tershane Cad. No:124, Beyoglu
Sauna Hammam Balat Cavus Hamam (G-B-s) - Çavuş Hamamı Sk. No:1/1, Balat

Meeting Points

These are not gay venues, but rather meeting points where gay men often hang out during the day time and in the early evenings.

Coffee Shop EspressoLab Taksim (S,G) - Istiklal Cad, No: 15, Taksim. (terrace floor)
Coffee Shop Simit Sarayi Taksim (S-b-g-r-h) - Taksim Square, Taksim (upper floor)
Coffee Shop Burger King Taksim (S-b-g-r-h) - Istiklal Caddesi No:1, Taksim  (upper floor)

Cruising Spots

Not very busy as before since gay mobile apps became widespread. There might also be hustlers in all cruising places. It is advised not to carry valuable things and a lot of cash.

Cruising Spot Taksim Square (S-b-g-r-h)
Cruising Spot Taksim Gezi Park (S-b-g-r-H)
Cruising Spot Cihangir Sanat Park (S-b-g-r-h)
Cruising Spot Saraçhane Park (S-b-g-r-H)
Cruising Spot Muratpasa Park (S-B-g-r-h)
Cruising Spot Kadikoy Park (S-b-g-r-h)

Beach  Kinaliada Beach (S-b-g-r-h)
Beach  Burgazada Beach (S-b-g-r-h)

Trans Friendly Clubs

Gay Bars Sahra Club (T-H-r) - Sadri Alisik Sok. No:42  Beyoglu, Istanbul
Gay Bars Super Fabric (G-t-s) - Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 42 Elmadag, Sisli

Lesbian Bars & Clubs

Gay Bars Bigudi Bar (L-g) - Mis Sokak, No: 5, Beyoglu, Istanbul (top floor)

Recently Closed

Following venues has been closed recently and they might still be listed on other online and printed gay guides
Durak Pub, Club 17, Chaplin Cafe, Haspa Club, Gia Club

Information About Gay Life

 * Click here for detailed information about LGBT life in Istanbul, gay nightlife, orientation, drink prices, security warnings, laws and regulations

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