Sahra Club, Taksim

Gay Bar Sadri Alisik Sok. No:42, Beyoglu, Istanbul
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Sahra, a prime example of Istanbul’s underground LGBT culture, is perhaps the most audacious among gay and transgender nightclubs. In its heyday until the late 2000s, when prices were remarkably low, it drew a crowd of eager, strikingly attractive young and horny men from the various ghettos scattered across Istanbul. However, it’s no longer as bustling as it once was. Situated on the right side of Sadri Alisik Street, directly across from the small Huseyin Aga Mosque on Istiklal Avenue, Sahra is a place where you should exercise caution. While there’s no need to be overly fearful as long as you know whar is going on, it’s wise to keep an eye on your wallet and stay informed about your surroundings.

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