Mor Kedi Cafe

Address:  Ipek Sokak 16, Kat 3 (3rd floor) Beyoglu, Istanbul
Street View: Click here to see the building's entrance on Google street view (2017)
Web: Instagram1 & Instagram2 & Facebook
Opening Hours: 18:00 - 24:00 / 01:00

More Kedi is one of the longest-standing gay café bars in Istanbul, having operated for nearly two decades. It’s a place that tends to get busy before other gay bars in the city. While they may open earlier, you’ll typically find people there from 6 PM until around midnight. The clientele consists mainly of younger gay men, and occasionally bears, but LGBT individuals of all ages and styles are warmly welcomed. In August 2021, they relocated to a new address, where there was another gay café before.

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