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Gay and Lesbian Friendly Turkey Tours from Istanbul

Everyday Departure Turkey Package Tours from Istanbul by Bus and by Plane

Gay Friendly Turkey Tours

We are an LGBT owned and operated Turkish travel agency providing tours all around Turkey since 2003. We offer a number of Turkey package tours departing everyday from Istanbul, covering the most popular tourist destinations all over Turkey.

Are these gay-tours ?

The tour packages we offer are not exclusively gay tours, unfortunatelly. There is no such a big gay tourism potential in Turkey and probably nowhere in the world for organizing exlusively gay tours departing everyday. We organize these tours in cooperation with other non-gay local tour operators. We will try to choose gay and lesbian friendly guides, hotels and tour operators as much as possible, but it's just a coincidence if there will be other gay clients joining the same tour, departing on the same day you book.

What is a package tour ?

A package tour is a combination of various daily tours and mini tour packages operated in different cities.These tour packages we offer are designed so as to visit the places they include in the shortest time and the most economical way. Unlike standard group tours you will be independent from other people in hotels and during the transportation. You will join other people only during the guided tours and excursions in day time, but there will not be any guides accompanying you during flights, intercity bus rides and transfers. Everything related to the tour program will be organized by us; such as bus and plane tickets, hotel reservations, guided tours, all connecting transfers and you will be under our protection along the way if ever something goes wrong.

Our package tours can also be customized easily. We can make additions or reductions with the tour program if / where possible.

Attention Please !

Istanbul is not included in any of the Turkey package tours we offer. To be able to join them comfortably, you need to stay in Istanbul at least for 1 night before and after the tour period. We’d recommend you not to book your international flights or bus tickets right before or after this tour package, considering unexpected delays. To be able to benefit from our airport transfer services in Istanbul, the hotel you stay in should be centrally located on the European side, roughly within 2-3 km distance with respect to the downtown Sultanahmet district, aka old city.

Reservation Procedure

We will request some 30% of the total tour price in advance. We will send you detailed information by email about payment procedure when we receive your tour request.

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Turkey Gay Tours Map of major tour destinations included in our package tours.

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