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Gay Friendly Custom-Made Tours in Turkey

Let's help you to create a custom-made tour that fits perfectly to your needs with our more than 10 years experience in gay tourism in Turkey..
Tailor-Made Turkey Gay Tours

In addition to variety of package and group tours we also offer custom-made vacation programs in Turkey for our valued gay and lesbian clients. Not surprisingly, personalized tours are the best vacation option for the gay and lesbian travelers most of whom rather to be independent from groups of people for obvious reasons.  We can help you create gay & lesbian friendly tour programs but first of all we need you to provide us some information to be able to make proper suggestions in accordance with your expectations.  If you have no idea about what to see / do in Turkey please first examine the package tours we offer, to have a general idea about popular tour attractions in Turkey. We can combine various activities, tours, cruises, daily boat tours etc in different destinations for you, in the most practical and economic way. To begin with, please kindly fill in the request form below and provide us with the requested information as much as possible. To avoid waste of time while planning your tour program, we also recommend you to examine below map which shows major destinations and attractions in Turkey. When you make your tour plan you should also remember that there are no direct domestic flights within Turkey between cities other than Istanbul. In other words all domestic and international flights are from / to Istanbul with few exceptions during peak summer seasons.

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Note: Please examine below map which shows the most popular tourist destinations and local airports in Turkey. Please also visit our Turkey Gay Guide website if your priority is gay and lesbian friendly destinations. Our unprecedented and up-to-date Turkey Gay Map webpage will also be useful in this case where you can see all gay venues as well as tourist attractions all at one place. 



Unless there is any problem please use below contact form, instead of emailing us. Otherwise please try to provide as much information as requested in the form. Lastly, you can send message to our Facebook Page if none of these works, but please provide your email address also there.

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