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Gay & Lesbian Friendly Private Charter Gullet Boat Trips in Turkey

Private Gay Boat Cruise in Turkey

Gay & Lesbian Friendly Private Charter Cruises.


Turkey does not have a very big tourism potential for frequent group activities for gay people. Although we have organized gay-exclusive boat cruises occasionally, it has been hard to match them with the holiday periods of most of our clients. If you are a group of gay or lesbian people, or you think you can bring together some other people it will be easy for us to organize custom-made cruise programs. With our more than a decade experience in the business and direct contacts with many gay-friendly boat owners and boat operators in all cruise regions of Turkey. After receiving your requests we will suggest you best alternatives which may fulfill your expectations as soon as possible.

Recommended Cruise Destinations:
At the moment, we offer private charter blue cruises only from Bodrum and Marmaris and for the for below itinerries.
Bodrum > Gokova > Bodrum - 1 week
Marmaris > Fethiye > Marmaris - 1 week

Befre sending a request please note these:
-The cruises are operated in summer (May to September)
-July & August are the peak season and the prices are also highest.  Early reservation is recommended..
-You will get better price for Saturday to Saturday bookings. The whole week is charged by boat owners in peak season even if you book shorter than a week.
-Arrival and departure points will be the same.

We will need to know the following information before making you an offer:
- Departure place (Bodrum or Marmaris)
- Starting date
- Ending date.
- Number of participants.
- Minimum number of single / double cabins you need.
- Your maximum daily / weekly budget (to help us find the right options)

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