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Attention: Most venues on this website are listed without the approval of their owners and they are not all necessarily gay or gay-friendly places. We do not guarantee the accuracy for the information provided by website visitors, especially. Moreover, there may be some changes with the information given here which we have not obtained yet, although we are trying to be as update as possible. Please note the indicated dates in order to understand how up to date the information is. Please use the provided information accordingly, otherwise we do not undertake responsibility for any problems you may encounter.

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Gay Friendly and Other Recommended Cafe, Bars and Clubs in Bursa
There is not any exclusively gay cafe, bar club in Bursa. Following venues are reported by local visitors as gay friendly venues, but this not yet confirmed by the owners. They may be worth trying but do not expect a visible gay-scene in these venues.

Leman Kultur Bar & Restaurant, Bursa
Address: Ataturk Cd. Tuz Pazar─▒ Sk. Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
Located behind Ahmet Vefik Pasa Devlet Tiyatrosu (state theater)
Leman is the most popular liberal & leftist weekly comic magazine of Turkey and has cafe-style meeting places what they call culture center in most major cities of the country, including Bursa. (13/07/2008)

Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses in Bursa:
Unfortunatelly there are not explicitely gay / gay-friendly bath hosues in Bursa, even though it is a city very famous with bath house culture historically. You can see a lits of historical Turkish bath houses on this website. This venues listed under "Local Sauna, Hammam and Turkish Baths" category are more recommended.

Gay Cruising Areas in Bursa:
In general, the cruising areas - especially parks are where gay men should be very selective with the people they meet. Especially, be careful at night time and do not carry very valuable things and a lot of money on you, just in case.

Kultur Park
Around the lake in Kultur Park especially in the evenings. The park closes at midnight. The benches next to the pool in the park was also recommended by a website visitor (14/01/2009)
Info: Bursa Kultur Park (means culture park) is big park (393.000 km2), fairground and recreation spot assigned for cultural activities and entertainment facilities; also holds a conservatory, archeology museum, open air theater, funfair and picnic areas within its boundaries.

Tophane Slopes
The arboraceous slopes of Tophane district above Altiparmak quarter and the park at the top of the hill. Beware of isolated parts and do not go to dark area in late hours.

Kent Meydani & Metro Park
The vicinity of Osmangazi Metro station and Kent Meydani (main square of downtown Bursa) is becoming a meeting and cruising point for local gay men living in Bursa. The park opposite of Bahar Tip Merkezi (medical center) behind the Osmangazi Metro station is also recommended especially for gay-bears and bear-admirer by a website visitor, said to be busier after 22:00 o'clock.

Havuzlu Park
The park with a pool located next to Gen├žosman Postanesi (the post office at Gencosman quarter)
Popular cruising place for local transvestites, gay men and sometimes bears. (04/09/2007)

Gay Groups and Organizations in Bursa:
In 2006 and 2007 there was an unsuccessful attempt to organize a gay march in Bursa which was cancelled after severe "public" reaction and also a LGBT solidarity association which was unofficially declared to have been founded but later vanished for various reasons. Both incidents were pionered by local transvestites and transsexuals of Bursa rather than gay men or lesbians.

Bursa Ozgur Renkler
Ozgur Renkler (Free Colors) is a LTBT solidarity group initially formed by the students of Uludag University based in Bursa province. You can join their Facebook page to interact with the group members and to follow their activities.

LGBT Turkey
The meeting point of Turkish & none- Turkish gay men living / visiting Turkey. You can follow activities all over Turkey, including Bursa in this bilingual (Turkish & English) Facebook community page.

Travel and Accommodation:

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