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Gay Bars and Clubs in Bodrum:

Although Bodrum is known as one of the most gay-friendly summer destination in Turkey, there are few gay exclusive bars. This is probably because most of the regular bars in Bodrum are also gay-friendly in Bodrum and the gay people do not necessarily need to be in a gay exclusive venue in order to have fun. Of course visiting one of these few gay bars is highly recommended to meet other local gay men more quickly & easily, especially for people visiting for a short time.

Murphy's Club
Address: Sakiresendemir Cad. Erguvan sok. No: 5 Gumbet/Bodrum
Web: Murphy's
Straight owned gay night club in Bodrum, opened in June 2009. It is actually in Gumbet district, located at the upper end of Gumbet's bar street, somewhere opposite of the well-know wind-mill restaurant. To avoid confusion, there is a taxi station (Tepe Taksi) right across facing the entrance door. The venues is not so small, but the atmosphere is boring when compared to gay-clubs in Istanbul. The lighting and music is also below the standards of gay clubs in Istanbul.

Reviews about this venue:
"I visited this place on July 13. They start at 23h and I arrived in midnight. There was only 3 of us (plus staff). After an hour about 30 people were there. Place is nice, discrete and big... However, I disliked music (extremely loud and 90% Turkish)... More promotion is needed for sure..."
Message Date: 14/07/2009"

"Prices double after 12 midnight, the place is dead and attitude is shocking. We go out to Bodrum/Gumbet and stay with friends and we went along one night for a drink. Efes was typically 5 TL but after 12 midnight it was 10 TL." (Posted by John from UK on June 19 2010)

Kavalye Bar
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi (bar street), No:70 Bodrum/Turkey
Web: Kavalye
Opened in 2010 in downtown Bodrum, to fulfill the big gap in Bodrum's gay life. The owner is also main partner of a senior gay-club in Istanbul (Club Prive). The location is great right in the middle of Barlar Sokagi (bar street) of Bodrum, but at the same time located on the beach-side, away from the traffic of the straight clubs. The venue and beach in front of the bar functions as a coffee-house in day time, when they make chill-out music. So, it is also a day time location for gay-men where they can swim and sip their drinks in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. It gets more vibrant at night time and shows are available. Located next to well known Hey Yavrum Restaurant. Open from 10:00 am, until 04:00 am next day; almost round the clock.

Reviews about this venue:
"It was TL 15 for a small (3.3 cl) Efes beer. " Posted by Ruud from Netherlands on September 21st 2012

"We visited Bodrum in August 2012 and it is a great place for a holiday - though not much obvious gay activity. Kavalye Bar is the only gay bar in town. It is very busy during the day, full of people (not exclusively gay) sunning themselves on the beach terrace. In the evening it does not get going until after midnight and it has a lot of potential but it is just too expensive. The staff are gorgeous and friendly. The view from the terrace is great but the drinks are about 3 times the price of any where else - which meant that people arrive, have one drink and leave. Such a shame as it could be a real focal point for gay night life in Bodrum!" Posted by Kevin R. from UK on September 8th 2012

"We were attracted by the rainbow logo, and decided to go for a drink. It was empty at 11pm. A small Efes for 12TL and a small Whisky coke at 30TL" Posted by Desmond from New Zealand on August 14th, 2011.

Gay Friendly Cafe, Bars and Clubs in Bodrum

Following venues are reported by local visitors as gay friendly venues, but this not yet confirmed by the owners. They may be worth trying but do not expect a visible gay-scene in these venues.

Sokaki Cafe Bistro Restaurant
Address: Akyarlar, Merkez Quarter Yalı Street No: 25 Turgutreis / Bodrum
Web Adresi :  & Sokaki
This is a venue reported to us by the owners as a gay friendly place, located in Akyarlar quarter, a quite and less commercialized resort some 30 km away from the center of Bodrum.

Cafe Rouge
Adresi :Merkez Mah. Çökertme Cad. No:25 A1, Yalikavak, Bodrum
Web Adresi :  Face: Rougue
The venue was reported to us as gay-friendly venue by the owners in May 2014. It is located in Yalikavak district of the Bodrum peninsula.

Comments about Gay Bars and Clubs in Bodrum
"As of 2012, there are two gay venues in Bodrum: a gay bar called "Kavalye" in the center of Bodrum ( on the main pedestrian street, opposite the Quicksilver shop) , and a gay club: Murphy's, located in Gumbet ( close to all other bars, on Erguvan street 5" (Posted by Daniel from Turkey on 02/05/2012)

LMT Bar in Gumbet, Bodrum - "very friendly and welcoming. Anything goes, including the waiters." (Posted by Jonnie from Australia on May 15th, 2011)

S bar in Bodrum-Carsi: '... have been in the S bar. Very friendly staff and had the Rainbow flag outside. Nice gay atmosphere by the beach.' (Posted by Mehmet and Mark from UK on 13/08/2009)
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Other Recommended None-Gay Bars Clubs in Bodrum

Bodrum has got amazing number choices for night life and musical events. It even rivals with big cities of Turkey including Istanbul. In downtown Bodrum the most bars are located along what is called the Bar Street (Barlar Sokagi). The Bar street consists of Dr Alim Bey - the one closer to the castle - and Cumhuriyet streets almost connected to each other both running parallel to the coast. There is surely at least one bar or club along the street for everyone's taste offering any kind of music you would want to hear; jazz, blues, rock, live music, Latin, classic or Turkish pop music etc. There are many Turkish live music bars (meyhanes) where the most famous Turkish singers would perform, some of whom are queer-celebrities of Turkish televisions. During the summer most famous singers of Turkey give concerts at the Bodrum Castle or at the antic theatre of Bodrum. Beach district Gumbet also has its own nightlife, and a smaller bar street. Gumbet is more dominated by British style bars and night-life.

Here are only a few of the most popular night life venues in Bodrum, which can comfortably be recommended to gay or lesbian tourists visiting Bodrum

Alem Bar
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi No: 98, Bodrum, Turkey (Google Map- apprx. location)
Web:  &
Although it is not officially proclaimed as a gay or gay-friendly venue, Alem Bar is an exceptional place in Bodrum where gay people can feel very comfortable. This is a live music venue where mostly gay / queer singers take to the stage and consequently other clients are also expected to be pretty gay friendly. For tourists the only problem will be getting used to classical Turkish music which might even be enjoyable after drinking a few glasses of raki, the traditional Turkish drink. It will be really fun especially if you go with friends; an unforgettable experience to observe traditional Turkish night life culture. Go at least once if you have a chance. It is located somewhere in the middle of the "barlar sokagi / bar street", the most popular nightlife quarter of Bodrum, on the right hand side if you walk into the street from the marina direction.

Club Halikarnas
Address: Address: Kumbahce Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 132 | Bodrum, Turkey
Halikarnas is not a gay club, but it is possibly where you can see most gays in same place at the same time in Bodrum. It is the biggest night club in Bodrum (5000 people capacity) and one of the most senior and popular of night-clubs in Bodrum - maybe all over Turkey. Consequently it is also the most favorite club for local and foreign gay men visiting Bodrum. On their website they describe themselves briefly like this: "Halikarnas first opened in 1979 and quickly became the forerunner of Bodrum and Turkey 's nightlife. With its spectacular location, world class entertainment, shows, luxurious atmosphere and first-class service, Halikarnas is not only unique, but one of the most beautiful clubs in the world. At Halikarnas, customer satisfaction, quality of service and best value for money has always been its mission. "
For more information and update activities visit their own website:
Click here for Google map locating Club Halikarnas
Click here for Tripadvisor reviews.

Visitor Feedbacks:
*Halikarnas is the biggest, trendiest and most stylish club in Bodrum, if not the whole Aegean. The disco seems a joke, it's very expensive (admission price includes first drink) but the setting, the laser show and the no-expense-spared floorshow makes it for some people attractive. You can't miss it as it has the loudest music system in town. Many people around complaining. Open 2200-0400. On any given night of the week something is happening at 'HALIKARNAS', be it a 'foam Party', Ladies Night' or 'Night of the Dance'. Entry fee is between 20 and 30 Million TL. The advertised FREE BEER NIGHT sounds a bit funny. (April 7, 2005)

Marine Club Catamaran
Address: (Departure) Dr. Alim Bey Caddesi (Bar street) 1025 Sokak No: 44, Bodrum, Turkey. (Google Map)
This is one of the coolest experiences you can have in Bodrum. You board this (boat) club before 01:00 am when it departs into the sea. The music from very good DJ's and sometimes even well known international DJ's is great. The floor is made of glass so you can see the sea underneath you. Beautiful people go to this club, a lot of tourists but also a lot of Turks. The club is the worlds biggest and only catamaran club with a capacity for 1500 people. If you want to get off board earlier that's also possible since you can take small boats to the coast again. There is no specific dress code, but dress nicely so that you don't look very different from the rest of the crowd.

Kuba Bar & Restaurant
Address: Neyzen Tevfik Cad No: 62, Bodrum (Google Map )
One of the most popular bar restaurants frequented by high society, excellent food and great music, valet parking. Drinks are expensive (over average for Bodrum) It's located on the main seaside road between Marina and the Castle. If not explicitly, this place can be classified as a gay-friendly venue, as mentioned on some other websites as well.

Restaurants and Cafe Shops in Bodrum

There are not specifically gay / gay friendly restaurant in Bodrum. Here are only few of popular restaurants in Bodrum.

Epsilon Restaurant:
Address: Turkkuyusu Mahallesi, Keles Cikmazi No:5 Bodrum - Phone: +90 (252) 313 2964
It is owned by a Dutch lady who has high standards and loves to entertain her guests with renditions on her flute. It is a quiet civilized place in old town Bodrum that serves traditional Aegean cuisine. The lamb is to die for. Classical and jazz music is the choice of Epsilon and the art lover couple who own the restaurant are happy to provide a changing exhibition inside upstairs. Another novelty in Epsilon is the handmade silver jeweler display. Pricing is medium to upper by Bodrum standards.

Secret Garden
Address: Eskicesme Mah. (the quarter close to the Marina) Danacı Sokak (street) No 20. Bodrum/Turkey
Phone: +90 (0252) 313 1641
Secret Garden has got to be one of the best restaurants in Bodrum. Now in it’s sixth year it has won the reputation for excellent cuisine and the warmest possible welcome. The modern Mediterranean style food prepared by the English lady owner-chef, is both beautiful and colorful, often original and always totally delicious. The extensive wine list gives you a chance to try wines from all over Turkey. The service is excellent, the music is soothing and to top it all, the chairs with their brightly colored cushions are exceedingly comfortable.

La Jolla Bistro
Address: Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi (the street along the Marina) No: 174 Phone: (0252) 313 7660
A blend of Mediterranean cuisine and Sushi Bar is the only one of its kind in Bodrum Peninsula. Try the salmon & sea bream sashimi plate as an appetizer. The salmon sashimi is amazing - buttery, melt in the mouth. Grilled sea bream, the brochette starter and cheese cake for desert is also recommended.

Goldenplate Bodrum
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi, No: 147 , Bodrum, Turkey. Phone: 90 252 316 96 13
Located along the Bar Street on the sea side, closer to Halikarnas Disco. They have a great menu for food for all tastes and budgets including Turkish, Chinese, French and English cuisines. For starters try the Turkish Mezes and for main course Turkish Cuisines or Chinese, which are really spectacular. You may also consider clay pot meat stew. They cater for vegetarians as well as meat and fish eaters. You can also try the Turkish water-pipe (nargile) here. The staff are very friendly, kind and helpful. You can even eat on the beach or on the seafront terrace or just chill out with a drink on the sun loungers on the beach.

Gay Friendly Sauna or Bath Houses in Bodrum

There are no apparent gay baths and saunas in Bodrum. Please note that most owners of action places such as cinemas, baths and saunas do not like to be mentioned on gay websites or guide books even if they want them to come to their venues for business reasons. Actually, it is very possible to meet interested people in such places anytime in Turkey, whether it be a gay venue or not. .

Other Recommended Sauna or Bath Houses in Bodrum:
There are not many of them in Bodrum but a visit to a historical Turkish bath is at the top of the must-do list for gay/straight tourists visiting Turkey. The following ones are recommended (none-gay) baths in Bodrum for these who do not to miss this special experience.

Bodrum Hamami
Address: Cevat Sakir Cad. Fabrika Sokak , No: 42 Bodrum/Turkey
Bodrum Hamami is one of the popular Turkish baths in town, a stone-made building located in the town center (opposite of the Bodrum Bus terminal. It has separate women and men section open at the same time (some Turkish baths are open for men and women in different days or hours in turn)

Rayola Turkish Bath
Address: Yakakoy, Bodrum/Turkey.
Although this one is catering for tourists intentionally, still a good sample of Turkish bath in the region, located in Yakakoy village some 6 kilometers from Bodrum center. It can be a good excuse for a nice daily trip from Bodrum to Yakakoy to discover the surrounding of the town as well.

Gay Cruising Areas in Bodrum

In general, the cruising areas - especially parks and secluded beaches are where gay men should be more selective with the people they happen to meet. It is always possible to come across to some bad guys who want to trap the gay men in suchlike places. Especially, be careful at night time and do not carry very valuable things and a lot of money on you, just in case.

The most visible cruising places in Bodrum are these:

Breakwater and Harbor
The breakwater behind the Bodrum Castle has been closed to pedestrians since several years but the water front between the castle and Marina is still cruisy, sometimes until morning light in season. If you cruise at night, do not carry your valuables with you, just in case. This area is the place where itinerant people who came to town for a job would hang around.

Bar Street
Combination of Dr. Alim Bey and Cumhuriyet Caddesi (streets), but better known as Barlar Caddesi (the street of bars/clubs) is the area where all major bars, clubs and some restaurants of Bodrum are located next to each other. In busy season the street itself turns into an open air club, piled up with people walking from one club/bar to another. It gets cruisy late in the evening and around midnight. The bars street area start from the Castle to Club Halikasnas along the coast.

Belediye Park
The central park near the town hall around the square. It is possible to run into other gay men occasionally late after midnight.

Comments about gay cruising spots in Bodrum:
"Next to the bus terminal and the market hall is a modern, clean and big public toilet with lots of possibilities for cruising." (Posted by Ruud from Netherlands on November 04 2013)

Gay Friendly Beaches in Bodrum

Bodrum Gay Beach.
There are not obvious gay beaches in Bodrum, but the secluded part near the beginning of Gumbet beach (closer to Bodrum) is called "gay beach" by some native gay men. This part of the beach is rocky and less sandy. It is possible to see some itinerant tourist hustlers in this part and it may be better not to have a lot of money on you, because it is a desolate place a little far from the people and settlement area. From Bodrum take Bardakci-Gumbet minibuses passing Siesta Beach hotel. Please note that not all Gumbet minibuses passes by this place. Get off there, and after a very short walk to sea-side climb over the small hill on your left - not the one with windmills on its top - behind the Siesta hotel or over the small boat's pier. After a tough (!) 15 minutes climb you will see a secluded bay laying ahead of you, where the beach is is actually full of rocks, but has some sandy parts as well. The water is very clear and it is good for swimming if you find a place without urchins.
For Google map location Bodrum's "gay beach" click here

Comments about gay beaches in Bodrum:
"The "gay" beach in Gumbet is often full of itinerant people who are looking for money. However Turkey is still a beautiful country populated by kind, friendly people" (Posted by Steven/UK on 02/05/2009)

Pasatarlasi Public Beach.
The public beach (Belediye Halk Plaiji) in Kumbahce quarter in the city center is located right after you walk pass Halicarnassus Disco, on the way to port of Bodrum. Especially the beach area in front of Bebek and Diamond hotels are recommended, where you will always see several middle-aged local gay man in summer season who are very easy to notice. Because it is a free beach and has no professional services such as change-rooms, lockers etc, it is usually preferred by the people living in the vicinity; few tourists staying in the neighborhood hotels as well as poor & itinerant people who come to Bodrum to work. The beach is sandy and the water is usually very clear. Click here for location map.

Other recommended beaches in Bodrum:
It is clever to stay in downtown Bodrum, because from the bus terminal you can go anywhere you like by local minibuses (Dolmus) available until late hours in peak season and are not expensive. There is something for everyone in the beaches of Bodrum. If you want to just lie down and relax on the sun lounger Turgutreis, Torba, Gundogan and Bitez is for you. If you are into water sports, crowded and loud fun beaches then stay in Gumbet. If you like private beach loud music and big cushions to lie down Orange Club in Gumbet is the place to go, which turns into a beach club at night. One is certainly spoilt for choice for beaches around the Bodrum peninsula, which are all easily reached by dolmus (shared taxis), which run from the main bus station in Bodrum town and are very cheap.

Gumbet is the nearest beach district of Bodrum, about 2 km away and easily accessible from Bodrum's city center by very frequent public busses/hotel shuttles. This is the place where you can see many gay-man around, most of them staying in neighborhood Gumbet or Bodrum hotels.

Bitez beach is just over the hill from Gumbet and can be reached quickest by taxi. Its village is 2 Km inland from its sea front. Bitez is a quieter beach than Gumbet but hosts cafes and restaurants. The water is shallow and the area is very sheltered, therefore very popular for windsurfing and other water sports. See photo

Ortakent Yahsi. Ortakent village is in the center of the Bodrum peninsular. However its beach lies 3 km south of the village which can be reached by dolmuş from downtown. The beach provides a long stretch of sand with water sports facilities, numerous restaurants and hotels. The water there is nice for swimming as the bottom drops off quickly.

Tugut Reis is recognized as a town rather than a village. It is the second largest settlement on the Bodrum peninsula. Turgut Reis has a very good sandy beach but it is not sheltered so water sports are not available here. It hosts a weekly bazaar on Saturdays.

Gumusluk is a peaceful village and is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula, definitely worth visiting. Gümüşlük retains its charm as building work is restricted in an attempt to protect the ancient site of Myndos which lies mainly beneath the village. Part of Myndos lies underwater and can be seen by snorkelers. Also here is a small island called “Rabbit Island” (Tavsan Adasi) which can be reached by wading through the water. Locals raise rabbits on the island and later sell them in markets elsewhere. The sandy beach to the west of the village is good for sunbathers and there are some very good restaurants in the village that specialize in fish.

Click Here for the picture of Gumusluk taken from Rabbit Island.

Bagla (also known as Camel Beach or Kargi Beach) offers one of the best opportunities to escape the bustle of many of the more conveniently located beaches in the immediate Bodrum area. Camel beach is in Ortakent Yahsi, at a distance of only 8 km to Bodrum. The main beach/camel beach is very clean with a selection of beach cafes & waterspouts and safe for swimming as well. Kargi bay is basic stopover point for daily boat tours, which stop near the beach and give a swimming break. You can indeed hire a camel for a ride here.

Torba is situated in a protected bay in the gulf of Gulluk on the extreme north coast of the Bodrum peninsula. Numerous jetties are supplied for sunbathers and plenty of restaurants are scattered along the sea shore.

Shopping in Bodrum

Shopping is a real fun in Bodrum with incredible choice of shops everywhere. First of all, do not miss the local open markets where you can find anything you can think of such as fresh fruits and vegetables, village-made foods, textile products, flowers, birds etc. Merchants offer very attractive prices for their products. Bodrum offers endless possibilities for shopping.

In Kale Caddesi (street) near the city center there are jewelers and few leather shops.

Neyzen Teyfik Caddesi has many carpet shops with good collections of all Turkish kilims and carpets designed with natural dyes.

Milta Shopping Center next to Bodrum Karada Marina is a wonderfully clean, bright and modern shopping centre not too far from the yacht club on Neyzen Tefvik Caddesi. The shops are quite exclusive and are designed with the wealthier shopper in mind but even if you don't want to spend a fortune down there, it is s lovely place to walk around. Lots of nautical themed shops, sail wear and equipment and designer stores are located here. 

Oasis Shopping Center has great number of fine shops or clothes, shoes, furniture, light equipments, jeweler, as well as real estate companies (if your are planning to invest or live in Bodrum in the future). Oasis shopping centre is on the main Bodrum to Gumbet road (at the crossroads). There are approximately 200 shops, cafes, restaurants and bars here - there is a Marks and Spencer's and many other well known retailers. There is also a cinema here. It is easy to reach "OASIS Shopping, Culture and Fun Center" using public transport. Minibuses, departing from Bodrum bus station to Gumbet, Konacik, Bitez, Ortakent, Akyarlar, Turgutreis, Yalikavak all pass by OASIS.

Anyone who is self catering in Bodrum will need access to cheap good quality foods, cleaning products and other necessary summer equipment such as sunscreen. Bodrum has 4 major supermarkets and many smaller shops in the town. The best prices are to be found at the larger markets such as Migros, Gima and Tansas.

Gay & Lesbian Internet Sources for Bodrum

LGBT Turkey
The meeting point of Turkish & none- Turkish gay men living / visiting Turkey. You can follow activities all over Turkey, including Bodrum.

Yahoo Group for Turkish Gays
A Yahoo Group to meet Turkish gay men from all over Turkey. You can leave a message to meet Turkish gays and gay tourists living in or visiting Bodrum in this group.

Yahoo Group For Turkish Lesbians
A Yahoo Group to meet Turkish Lesbians from all over Turkey. You can leave a message to meet Turkish lesbians and lesbian tourists living in or visiting Bodrum in this group.s

Gay Friendly Tours:
Turkish gay travel agency is organizing daily city tours, budget and tailor made package tours, boat cruises, hotel reservations in Bodrum and all around Turkey.

Gay Friendly Hotels in Bodrum
For recommended hotels you can contact gay-owned & operated Turkish Travel Agency. They have more than 10 year experience in gay tourism in Turkey.
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General Information About Bodrum

A town at the junction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean is Bodrum, occupying a small but beautiful peninsula. It is one of the prettiest holiday resorts of Turkey, popular and famous for its vivacious, friendly and bohemian atmosphere. Famous with its very liberal night life, it is also very popular among Turkish gay and lesbians especially during the summer period. Although there are not many gay exclusive venues, it is possible to run into many gay men anywhere; on the streets, beaches, parks or in regular bars and clubs. Most of the straight bars can be considered "gay-friendly" in a liberal town like Bodrum anyway.

In 2006 an international Travel Operator organized a very big party in Bodrum, which gathered over 600 gay and lesbian tourists in Bodrum form all around the world. International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) held an international meeting in Bodrum in 2008 Summer. IGLTA's president for European countries, who traveled to Turkey for the International Gay Travel Symposium, expressed his admiration for Bodrum and said more gay and lesbian

Bodrum is greeting its visitors with the marvelous castle built by the Knights of Rhodes, the town appears elegant, filled with sweet white houses, with colorful bougainvilleas dotted about. The clear, deep blue warm sea is an inherent characteristic of the place, rather than being a specialty, and the numerous beaches of unspoiled bays adorned with interesting rock formations offer perfect days for swimmers, divers and nature-lover. Octopuses, and sponges of various shapes and colors are also found here, complementing the aquatic beauty.

Late singer, Zeki Muren who dared to sing with a man's body in women's clothes and make-up in 1950's Turkey is the person who made Bodrum popular destination. The house in Bodrum where he spent his last days is a museum now exhibiting his personal collection and is worth visiting:

Zeki Muren Museum
Address: Kumbahce Mah. Zeki Müren Street. No:11 Bodrum.
(Near Club Halikarnas)

Part of the fascinating atmosphere of Bodrum is its history; remains of which are spread over this ancient city of "Halicarnassus". The tomb of King Mausolus is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and dates back to the 4th-century BC stands on this land where Herodotus, the father of history, was born. A theater (1300 seats) from the 2nd- century BC near Goktepe, is worth seeing, together with St. Peter's Castle presenting the architectural style of the 15th- century which is now a museum of underwater archaeology.

A different spectacle in Bodrum is its marina, which is a busy place hosting elegant yachts that come from all parts of the world. Bodrum Cup Race is held every October in the boatyards, and it is an enjoyable event for those interested. Bodrum is the leading place for boat-building.

The most prominent feature of Bodrum is the prevailing activity, especially filling the nights. After the intensive action in the daytime, one may choose one of the discos here -some of which are the best in Europe- and spend an exciting night of fun under the gleaming lights. Bodrum is the one of the starting points for an unforgettable "Blue Voyage" along the turquoise coast of Turkey which offers the limitless pleasure of seeing the virgin bays of mythological legends; the beauties of Kekova where the light combines with turquoise; or sailing into the antique port of Phaselis where Alexander the Great loved to stay during the winter.

The Bodrum peninsula is an excellent place for those who prefer a smooth and relaxing atmosphere. The charming villages on the secluded bays open their guest houses to you. The sea is beyond comparison in that area and you will find beautiful beaches adorning azure waters in Bardakci Bay, Gumbet Bay, Bitez Bay, Ortakent Yalisi, Karaincir, Bagla, Guvercinlik, Torba, Golkoy, Turkbuku, Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Kadikalesi, Turgutreis, Aspat, Karaada, Ada Bogazi (Akvaryum), Akyarlar. Holiday villages and hotels, discos and bars beside the picturesque bays contribute much to the beautiful picture. Gumbet and Bitez are heavenly places for wind-surfers with the wind and the sea perfect for this sport. Ortakent is the best choice with its sandy beaches for a solitary walk. Akyarlar beach is famous for its powdery sand. In Karaincir you will have lively days on wonderful beaches and a fine relaxing atmosphere at night in the public coffeehouses.
The northern side of the peninsula is interesting. To enjoy the best of the region, it is better to take a car trip along the coast or a boat trip to explore the coves and little islands. The white windmills, which are still used to grind grain, are fascinating and lie among the orange groves and green olive trees. You will come across a well-equipped marina in the modern village of Torba, 5 kms north of Bodrum where there are fine holiday villages, which offer active holiday facilities. Golkoy (13 kms north) and Turkbuku (15 kms) are enchanting, with taverns overlooking a nice bay. A boat trip to Karaada offers an amazing beauty. The warm mineral waters flowing out of rocks in a grotto in Karaada are known to to bee good for revitalizing the complexion.

To the north of Bodrum at Kiyikislacik (lassos) near Gulluk, is the birth-place of the mythological Dolphin Boy. The Gulf of Gulluk is very much frequented by yachters, and the town harbor has the exciting air of yachtsmanship. There is Varvil, the ancient Bargilya, with its interesting location a little south of Gulluk, at the end of a deep, narrow bay resembling a river. It is a pretty place to visit, surrounded by hillsides covered with olive trees.

Heading inland, Milas greets you with its typical Turkish houses with carved timbers and latticed windows. The beauty of handmade Milas carpets will fascinate you and most probably you will buy some to take home. In the western part of Milas is Gumuskesen, which has a monument resembling the famous Halicarnassus Mausoleum, but with miniature dimensions.

General Comments About Gay Life Bodrum

September 2014 'Hi...seems that most people who write messages on here have not been to the same Bodrum that i have. I bought an apartment in Bodrum 3 years ago and have had great fun. Im a gay man and have taken all my gay friends over with me for the past 3 years. I will admit that there are no strictly gay venues but from what we have found gay man are everywhere. I have friends who have not only had sex with bar/waiters/club djs etc but entered into relationships to. There is also a great gay cruising island just below the windmills at the far end of Gumbet bay. I have just returned from a 3 week holiday and the island was very busy everyday but the best day is a Sunday when all the young Turks take the plunge...We have found that Bodrum offers the flirty sort of challenge that we love. Makes it all more fun when you have to work at ' (Posted by Tony from UK on 15/09/2009)

April 2014 Bodrum where l live is very open and its the St Tropez of Turkey for the Rich Turks in Summer! They all flock here to play! Stars of Stage and Singers etc! Also lots of Gays come here and there are a few here at the moment some French and Brits and some Turks. All normal Bars are mixed and there are two big discos Halikarnas, and Catamaran which floats and they get a gay crowd at times. There is a Gay Beach but l have never been. lt is a Man's world here and you get look's and smiles from all even the so called straight one's as they say!

September 2011 - Unfortunately, in Turkey they don't understand yet that gay people are just normal and innocent people too. That's why gays try to hide themselves, in general...But in Bodrum, it's quite different. It's very open-minded in this little city...And there are a lot of Englishmen who have bought homes and pubs there, and there a lot of tourists from England, Germany, Holland etc...So I think you can enjoy this place, no problem... The real estate in this city is very expansive now, because there is a spirit similar to Ibiza and Saint-Tropez, and it became a city for rich people, even jet-set people. Many Turkish stars and businessmen own houses there. And I've heard that even Elton John ( who is gay too), bought a villa in Bodrum.

October 2009 - Actually there is no obvious gay life here in Bodrum but it is a summer meeting place of gay&lesbian people from all over Turkey.. There is no social pressure except "typical strange looks" but again it is better to be more cautious.

September 2008 -I visited Bodrum in Sep 2008. I was not aware of anyone else who was gay. There was no mention anywhere of any gay bars anywhere. Perhaps it would help if they published a leaflet with info of such locations. I took a walk along the Bar strip along the harbour and found 2 bars/Cafes that had a gay flag in the inside: - Cafe S Bar and Dinç Bar and Restaurant. And that was my experience. There is mention of Aralik bar on the Internet but I have not been able to find it.

September 2006 - Turkey is generally gay friendly and the Turkish population is extremely friendly and correct, but don’t expect everything just out in the open. You really have to go somewhere else for that. If you want to have an adventure away from the explicitly gay destinations but want to be in a gay friendly environment, Turkey would be a good choice, especially as it’s still quite cheap. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the famous Turkish baths. Bodrum has a real gay bar, the Adibar, but on the whole it has a slightly smaller and more provincial feel. There’s many a gay parading around along the boulevard, checking out... the boats in the harbor of course. You do have a chance of meeting a nice Turkish man. On a Monday night there was a special Gay Catamaran: the whole night dancing under the stars on a Catamaran sounds fantastic. There’s going to be a special Gay Week from the 24th of September till the first of October, when the entire Club Med Resort is hired off for partying in total freedom. Culture, sun, beach, good food, etc., etc. are the best ingredients for a successful holiday. A lot of gays around the world could take an example of the common Turkish tradition of showing respect for each other. Although there are exceptions of course and there is still a lot to do. Gay friendliness is a sort of common ground, which could prove more effective than outspoken gay attitudes which often backfire. All the hotels are quite gay friendly by the way, although one should always adapt slightly.

August 2006 - You wont find any bars in the touristic areas that cater for gays/lesbians. However most places are gay friendly as long as you don't hold hands etc. There used to be a bar in Barlar street opposite Avlu Bar - the street running along the jeweler shops with the traditional restaurants playing live Turkish music in, that was very gay friendly but haven't been in a few years so cant say if its still the same.